Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I Met My Purrfect Match And How You Can Too!

Eleven years ago, I was newly divorced and living alone in Pensacola, Florida, and I was terribly lonely until I met the love of my life,Henry. I never would've guessed that I could find unconditional love so soon after my divorce but it happened and my life with him only improves with age. For me, it was instinct that led me to believe that Henry was the right companion for me but I know that some human/cat relationships are a complete mismatch but thanks to ASPCA's Meet Your Match™ Feline-ality™ Program  mismatches can be avoided entirely! 

Meeting your match is as simple as completing a survey that will help you find a cat whose personality is similar to yours. After completing the survey you will know whether your “color” is—green, orange or purple. For example:

  • Green adopters are most successful with cats who quickly adapt to new situations like our adorable client and buddy, Mia did.

  • Purple adopters are perfect for kitties who need time and encouragement to adjust to their new surroundings just like our cat sitting client, Amanda, did.  

  • Orange adopters are a good fit with the quintessential companion kitty, like our pal, Two Buck Chuck, who loves to be at the center of our attention at each visit!
While I was fortunate enough to meet my match without the aid of ASPCA's  Meet Your Match Feline-ality Program but I am positive this program will work wonders for anyone who needs help finding that purrfect companion soon! 

What about you, dear cat owner? Did you find your purrfect match with the help of the Feline-ality Program or did you just luck out like I did? I can't wait to read how you found your match!


  1. I saw this on the Animal Planet series "Must Love Cats"! Most of our kitties simply show up at the door; the choice is all theirs. The rest are vet rescues...we seem to let karma do the selection for us.

  2. Awwww!! How sweet!! Yay for adorable Henry!! I think with all my kitties we just fell into each other's hemispheres. My first kitty, Luther, was a stray and decided he liked us and stayed. Two kitties were given to us by a couple who rescued them from an awful neighbour, my three other kitties came to us when their mum found my sister's bed and gave birth. Charlie came to me out of social networking. A blogger was so concerned that Charlie was about to be made homeless she blogged about him. I was/am that blogger's follower, saw the pic and read his story and the rest, as they, is history! Yay! Take care x

  3. Our latest kitty was a little baby that a coworker scooped up out of the middle of a busy highway and brought to our house. He made number 7. The rest were pound rescues. They usually pick me by doing something that gets my attention like Kosmo doing backflips off the front cage bars.
    Mom picked her Mickie for his good looks and striking blue eyes.

  4. Oh, through attrition we are down to 4 cats now. A much more manageable number. We need to do a post for poor Cleo who we lost to old age and illness two weeks before my mother passed.

  5. what a cool idea! I must share this! Actually it is funny because I didn't "meet" Cody this way but the description of "green" is exactly like him! Also, "Green" is my favorite color!

  6. That's such a good idea. People are always choosing an animal that doesn't fit in with their lifestyle and it is always the animal that suffers. If people would only do some simple research....maybe there wouldn't be so many sad stories.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. I agree with you, Scotsmad, because there are way too many sad stories out there concerning pets who "found" the wrong home and then they were the ones who had to pay for it with years, months, and days of living with the wrong humans! I love ASPCA for coming up with this pet match survey system!

  8. What an interesting system. I wonder if they have something similar in evaluating dogs.

  9. How cool that they do that! The shelter where I adopted Zoe lets all of the cats roam free, so they get a real good idea of their personality. They listened to me for a long time tell them about my cats, past and present, and what I was looking for (basically one that would not torture my poor senior Fuzzy). After about an hour or so, they helped me pick Zoe, and it was perfect!

  10. It's nice that they've come up with a system to help match kitties to owners. Who knew that there was more to a kitty's color than just looking pretty? ;)

    OH! Thanks so much for my Silly Prize! You've made me feel very special!

    Woofs & hugs,


  11. I'm so glad you found him and he has a wonderful home with you.

  12. I chose my first 3 Honey snuggles and sunshine before ever meetiung them they all have different purrsonalities but they all are a purrfect match, spunky was a stray and he chose us he isnt as loving as the other three but i still love him and happy was a rescue cat that her whiskers were cut and her fur all chopped up and she is a sweetheart the only problem I have with her is that she keeps running out

  13. What a great post! Love your pal, 'Two Buck Chuck"!



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