Sunday, March 13, 2011

And The Newest Silly Saturday Photo Caption Winners Are

 These pictures of Fenway certainly did spark a whole lot of silliness this weekend and I am so glad you had so much fun describing her! 

I must admit that all of your captions were laugh-out-loud hilarious but the rules of the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest only allowed me to choose two caption contest winners, unfortunately. So, the first caption that tickled my funny bone was:

 "Mr. Sheen, your new Goddess is here." by Foley Monster and Pocket

How could I resist a good 'ol reference to Charlie Sheen, anyway? Foley Monster and Pocket, you had a WINNING caption, fur sure!


And the second caption that tickled  my funny bone was....

"If you think I look good in this outfit, you should see me out of it! I am furtastic!" by Hilary from Feeling Beachie

 So, there you have it! Two more silly caption winners who will now be inducted in the Silly Saturday Hall Of Fame (located on my right sidebar) and will also be the envy of all of Blogville because they will be receiving a silly prize and a Silly Saturday Certificate of Recognition! 

And to those of you who are severely disappointed to have not reached the Silly Saturday Hall Of Fame status, don't give up because next Saturday your name might be in lights  well known in all of Blogville! Thanks for pawticipating! See you next Saturday!


  1. YES, those were really FUNNY. hehrehe

  2. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by What Would Jen Do. Believe it or not, I do shirtless Friday every week and so far Jason Statham has been THE most popular. I had no idea so many ladies were into him. Normally only a couple of people even comment on a half naked guy!
    And I most certainly would not mind being featured on your Thursday blog post.

  3. Congrats to the winners - they were really good captions! And kudos to the cute Playboy pup model!

  4. That's a winner fur sure...haha


  5. This contest is so much fun... THANKS again!

  6. What a fun idea. Hilarious entries.

  7. Hello Fans!
    It's me, Fenway, and I feels so lucky to be a pawt of the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest that I could just bark. Oh, I mean, I already did bark but I am sure I will bark some more later! Heehee!
    Thanks fur reminding me, Hilary, that I DO LOOK GOOD without my clothes on! And thank you, Foley Monster and Pocket, fur telling Charlie Sheen that I am his next Goddess! I just hope he takes a look at this blog soon because I am ready to go to HOLLYWOOD now!


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