Friday, January 14, 2011

MIght As Well Face It, Henry Is Addicted To Plastic Bags!

When you look at my bag chewing self do you think I am in need of some serious therapy? If you nodded your head, "Yes", you have made my mom's day because she wants someone other than my dad to agree with her. 

I don't understand why my humans have to make such a big deal about my "problem" but since they love me are crazy I'll be forced to answer Mr. Know It All's questions and the first one will probably be...

                               "Henry, why do you chew on plastic bags?" 

                              And I will answer (between bites)...

"Duh! Because I love the smell of food! Any type of food will do but if I my nose detects cheese, chicken, shrimp, or turkey I just can't resist a good chew."

And then Mr. Know It All will say, "There's nothing wrong with your appetite, Henry, but I think plastic bags should stay off the menu altogether. Do you think you can kick your plastic chewing habit, Henry?"

And I will answer (between sniffs of cheese, chicken, and shrimp)...

"I will stop chewing bags when they stop smelling so delicious. Until then, my addiction is in the bag!"

Does your cat love plastic bags as much as Henry does? If not, what is his/her addiction of choice? 


  1. Cute! My cat loves chewing plastic bags too!

  2. Awww lovely Henry!! Me and Charlie say - so long as you are happy - then why not! :-) Take care

  3. Just wait till you get one caught on your leg and it follows you and then you run faster and faster and end up running head long into the fireplace doors! Then you won't like them anymore! Plastic bags and balloons are evil!
    From Boudy across the rainbow bridge : )

  4. I did a blog post called "A Passion For Plastic" some time back...check it out I think you will like it! (here is the link

    My vet mentioned to me that along with the reasons that you mentioned (food), plastic bags I believe are made with corn syrup or some type of foodstuff that makes cats go crazy for them!

  5. Henry... Chew... butt Don't Injest!!!

    Hey... have you seen Daisy's Blogville Badge on Richie's Blog??? It is Super!!!

  6. I've got a cat here with a wide array of addictions, too. Rubber bands being one of them (and that's a no-no!) What is it with you little whiskered beasts? Always getting in to trouble, it seems ;)

  7. I luv bags too! The minute one hits the floor I totally crawl right in and hide!


  8. No plastic bags for Pickles, Candy and Hugo, over here! They love to lay on them, I guess because of the crackling sounds, but I am affraid they may get inside one day and suffocate somehow.

  9. OMG...our cat Libby has always chew on bed bags and toilet paper plastic. We though she was just weird as our other cats don't do that.

  10. We don't have kitties over here, but we do love to sniff the bags when they are packed with food :)
    Maddy and Owen

  11. I try not to let my cats get near the plastic bags because I use them daily to clean the litter pans! I do have a cat, Lilly, that loves to grab rubber bands and play with them. I know they are bad for her but the minute one comes off of something, she has detected it and off it goes. Same thing with the ties to the garbage bags. I have to make sure I keep it on me or it will immediately disappear! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  12. Awww... Henry. Your hooman is concerned because plastic bags are dangerous to animals and I'm sure she just doesn't want you to swallow a piece of the plastic!

  13. OMC no sooner was I reading this comment then I heard this rustling in the bedroom and I saw the main bathroom door was open (we usually leave them shut)

    Cody had entered the open bathroom and ran with a piece of plastic (from who knows what!) he was all scrunched down on the floor chewing and was full of saliva...thankfully I intercepted in time!

    10 minutes before that I found him in the box of dog treats (that my husband never closes properly) ready to have a feast!
    Never a dull moment!

  14. For the record, Henry's parents are very quick to remove the plastic bags from his grip because we don't want him to choke or ingest the plastic as it could lead to a trip to the vet's office.
    He is also crazy about other plastic items such as garbage bags and plastic wrappers such as candy wrappers, sandwich bags, garbage bags, etc, and we have to make sure these items are far out of his reach! His plastic obsession seems to get worse every year! What should we do other than that to discourage his love of plastic?

  15. My cat does the same thing. She chews through the handles of the plastic shopping bags.

  16. Alex never cared about bags, until one day we decided to safe guard the bananas from him in a plastic bag. He attacked that bag to try and get his fruit!


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