Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Raw Truth About Dogs and Wolves

 If I ever saw Daisy carrying a rabbit in her mouth I would be completely horrified but I would have to remind myself that Daisy is a natural-born carnivore, after all. She needs meat and raw meaty bones just like her cousin's (the wolves) do. She needs to gain energy from fat rather than from carbohydrates like her humans do.

When I came to the startling realization that a dog’s digestive system is the same as a wolf’s I felt better about Daisy's affinity for raw meaty bones and raw food. 

Even though Daisy has been bred to look and behave differently from wolves, they still digest food the same way as their cousins. Wolves and dogs are natural hunters and they will not stop to boil or bake their prey; instead they rip and tear meat from fresh kill -- their teeth were created to work that way. Heart, lung, liver, and other internal organs are eaten. Bones are crushed to get at the marrow, and bone fragments are eaten as well. 

They use their neck and shoulder muscles as well as their teeth and jaws when they eat raw meaty bones. It’s a great workout, keeps them strong, and adds to their overall health.

Many dog owners fail to give their dog a raw bone because they fear their dog could choke on them and there certainly is a possibility if we fail to monitor them. However, it is next to impossible for a dog to choke on a bone because dog's have strong digestive enzymes made for the purpose of chewing on raw bones. Canines have teeth made for ripping raw meat and jaws made for crunching raw bones -- it’s natural for them.

One very important thing to note about raw bones is that they must be raw and definitely not cooked because a cooked bone will get soft and splintery and will be dangerous if swallowed. Remember, the dogs digestive system is the same as the wolves and they are made to eat in the raw!


  1. YEAH! I LOVE RAW FOOD!!!!!!!! My just started feeding me it last week i'll has to write about it on da bloggy sometime soon.

  2. Mom has been curious about the Raw Food Diet like Roo eats but has been unsure to try it. Maybe I'll talk her into the bone first :)

  3. Not sure about the raw diet but we'll ask the vet this week.

  4. I LOVE Raw Beef and Deer bones. I also love deer ANTLERS. They are super good fur us too!! Antlers don't splinter and have no grease or bad smell and... Clean our Teefs.

  5. We never tried raw food before. Mama would feel a little grossed out watching us eat an antler or a deer bone. We should just tell her, "We're WOLVES, Mama!"

  6. Hey, I likes me a good badger every now and then...oh wait, I has nevers killed one befores. Well my ancestores haves...hehehe...I'd still like too though.

    Now get dis! We has nevers had a bone!!!!!!!!!! Not cuz of da dangers of chokin'...da dangers of brudder Albert startin' sumptin and goin' all alpha dog on us.

    Raw food sounds betters than Purina in my opinion.


  7. We're raw food girls AND we love those bones!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. More great information! Thanks! We saw a story on the TV the other day about how man has made so many dog breeds from wolves. Holly has captured some small animals in the yard which upset me but she's a dog...the one bad one was a frog that stung her in her mouth and a lot of bees that she chased and got also stung by. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  9. I love it when dogs find their inner Wolves!!
    :-) Take care

  10. I have been trying to find my inner wolf for years, but no luck. Do you really think I am related to a wolf? For some reason, my mom is laughing!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. I watched two doggy documentaries that said we are related to the gray wolf only. Interesting! Anywho? Please send me your e-mail address by e-mailing me at mindyslimmer (at) gmail (dot) com. I need to forward an e-mail to you with a person regarding the pet signs.
    Mindy (Mama #2 of The Slimmer Puggums)

  12. Stanzie has carried around her share of rabbits and possums too. She never eats them, she just likes the hunt.


  13. Winston always eats raw meat. He refuses to eat anything cooked and packaged in a can. I feel this is his natural instinct coming out. He has always eaten raw meat and I do give him liver as a treat. He also luvs the bones once in a while. It keeps him busy.

  14. Well, I'm sure wolves didn't stop to cook their meat or go to the shop to buy kibble. Joke aside though, I think some dog owners forget that their pet has a bit of the old wolf in it.

    I've heard a funny myth, that if you feed your dog raw meat, it will remember its wolf origins and become savage.

    I'm glad you posted this. And also that you stressed the importance of feeding raw bones. The chances are small that cooked bone splinters could perforate the intestines, but they still exist.

  15. It is so nice to see others sharing the information available that links wolves to dogs, supporting a healthy raw diet!


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