Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy 1st Blogoversary To Me and Happy DVD Giveaway To You!

 As many of my wonderful blogging friends already know, I was inspired to write a blog while watching the movie, Julie and Julia, last January and the inspiration to write was so strong that I angered those sitting around me by announcing (loudly, I might add) to my fiance', "I'm going to start a blog tonight! I really am!" After a few "shhhh's" from the audience I quietly watched Julie Powell change from a woman who felt she had no purpose in life to a woman who challenged herself to cook all 536 of Julia Child's recipes in one year and live to blog about it. 

I felt that if Julie could do it so could I and I am proud to say that as of today, I have blogged for one year and I am so happy to be here in Blogville with my friends who remind me day after day that I do have a blog and to keep on blogging.

So to thank everyone who stayed with me through thick and thin, through good times and bad I want to give one lucky person a copy of the movie that inspired me to start blogging by hosting a giveaway! 

In Order To Win This Movie All You Need To Do Is:

  • You MUST be a Google Friend Connect, e-mail, or RSS feed follower and you must PLEASE tell me which type of follower you are in order to be part of the GIVEAWAY. Don't worry, I will follow your blog immediately, I promise!
  • In a comment below, please answer this question, "What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?" Whether your answer if short or long the purpose is to inspire others to keep blogging, to remind yourself why you blog, and to (hopefully) win a copy of Julie and Julia!  
  • Submit your comment no later than Saturday, January 22, 2011, at 7:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).
    • The winner will be announced on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. 
    Thank you, dear friends, for wishing me a Happy Blogoversary and for wishing me a speedy recovery from my bout with a stomach virus yesterday! You are the best! Have fun with the GIVEAWAY and with sharing your blogging inspirations! 



    1. Happy blogaversary!

      XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    2. Happy One Year Blogaversary!!!!! Me and Charlie are so happy to have met you and adorable Daisy, Henry and Buster!!!

      Take care

    3. Happy Happy Blogaversary! I have the movie so don't put me in the contest, I follow you through google reader. But I was inspired to write my blog because I had a game and I wanted to share my game and play with it new people. Along the way I made friendships which was the biggest surprise of all.

    4. Happy blogaversary!!! I guess I was inspired to blog because I felt like I was not writing enough and wanted to journal my life for others to (hopefully) read. I'm coming up on a year myself in May. Blogging is so much fun and it's always nice to find other dog lovers in blogville! (Oh, I follow you through google)

      I am very much glad that we have met.

      I was inspired to write a blog... beclaws some of the peeple in my writer groups wanted me to. There were lots of peeples in the groups, butt I (Frankie Furter) was the ONLY DACHSHUND. They didn't discriminate against me or anything!!! I always had my very much own SEAT and they always listened to my stories. Even when I used bad words like Butt Scooter and Cat Butt Fart and stuffs...
      Yep they inspired me!!!

      I follow your blog and you follow mine.

    6. Happy Blogaversary

      We follow you through Google Connect and on Facebook too. I started reading dog blogs a couple of years back when someone on the quilting board that I read posted a link to the handsome Spencer the Golden Retriever. One blog led to another, and I was reading several. I knew that Tucker, Daisy and Leo's adventures would be fun to read, and had a great title "Two Goldens and a Wannabe", but I had to wait until January 2009 before we got a faster (still not fast) internet connection to be able to start blogging. I am so glad I did, we have made such good friends. Please enter us in your contest.

      Heidi, Tucker, Daisy and Leo's Mom.

    7. Oh dat was a good movie, Momma watched it on netflix - I slept. I already follow you. But, I would say that My Momma started blogging when I came into the picture because she wanted to track my growth. Well I is done growing now. She was inspired by Savage's Mom in the story of savage.

      woof - Tucker

    8. Happy Blogoversary, ours was on Sunday!

    9. We've seen that movie and it's a winner!
      Sunshade inspired me to start my own blog. Mitch came along a few months later!
      Happy blogaversary!

      Love ya lots,
      Maggie and Mitch

    10. Happy Blog Anniversary. We started blogging after reading Martha and Bailey's blog and then following Mango. And here we are today. And we love that movie.

    11. Happy 1st Blogoversary and hope many more to come!

    12. Happy Happy Blogaversary Miss April!! Mom luvs dat movie too, it is one of her favorites.

      Woofs and Licks,
      Maggie Mae

    13. Happy FURsto Blogoversary!

      A Siberian pal told Khyra she always had so much to say she should have a blog -

      SO, we started a blog fur ME! In the beginning, Mom was slow to let me post - we'd only post every week to ten days - then she improved to the point we were posting daily -

      Now she babbles if only she khould find time fur her blog -

      Here's to many more!


    14. Happy Blogaversary! We started blogging when Felix tore his patella, and we reached out to the Cat Blogosphere for advice...and here we are, almost a year later!

    15. Happy Blogoversary!!! I follow you through (Google-I think, blogspot and I thought email but not sure)....
      I also ADORED that movie but really don't need to win because I have seen let someone who hasn't seen it win!

    16. Happy Blogaversary!!!!

      Mommy has already seen the movie so no need to put us in the contest.

      Pug love from,
      Pearl & Daisy

    17. Happy First Blogaversary. You have really built quite an impressive blog in just a year, I must woof.

      We follow you through Google Friend Connect which appears on Google reader, plus you are on our blogroll. We are dogging your footsteps, basically.

    18. Hi, thanks for visiting our blog!!!! I am now following you with Google friend connect, and another 'dog blog' called From The Treat Jar inspired to start blogging. I have been blogging for over two years now and it's been great!!! Looking forward to more visits! :)

    19. Happy First Blogoversary!
      And many more to come!
      Kisses and hugs

    20. Happy blogoversary!
      We started about one year ago too! Mom broke her foot with an irrigation trencher. She was sitting around being bored and we started blogging!!


    21. Happy Blogoversary to you! Mom and I have so much fun bloggin too ;) Mom says she saw the movie. It was sooooo good! She's a huge Julia Child fan; still watches her cookin shows on the Cookin channel :D Anywho, don't enter us in the contest. Mom says she's committed the movie to memory pretty much :) Whoever wins will be in for a treat! Great idea!

      Waggin at ya,

    22. Happy Bloggoversary! Our Mama had a blog before this and she said she was inspired to write one when she read books that had started out as blogs. When our Mama got tired of blogging, WE were inspired to start our own!

    23. Oops we almost forgot to tell you... we follow you on Google Friend Connect.

    24. Happy Bloggoversary!
      follow on google friend connect
      Whi inspired me to blog is my little beagle jack russel girl she loves to wear clothes and have me do photo shoots of her and I wanted everyone I knew to have easy access to all of her pictures and it si fun.

    25. I loved reading all of the reasons why everyone started blogging and it seems all of our reasons were just about the same...we all wanted to find a purpose, or a distraction, or a connection with others who have pets and I think it is just so fantastic that we met and bonded with one another! Thanks for pawticipating in the giveaway and thanks for the congratulations too!

    26. Dear April

      Congrats on celebrating your blogaversary! I have not seen this movie and would love to share this with my husband for our anniversary so thanks for the chance to win!

      Six months before I started my blog, I lost my younger sister in a very unexpected and tragic way. I was devastated by this loss and grieved heavily. I started my blog, Create With Joy, in large measure to help me move on with my life and rediscover my joy and my passion again. It gives me great joy to share my beautiful Maine Coons, who so many people tell me that they regularly stop by specifically to see, as well as my creations, my faith, and other things I cherish.

      I hope you feel better REAL soon!


    27. happy happy blogaversary!!! :)
      mama loves that julie 'n julia movie very much so, too!
      me and asa and mama decided to start bloggin' after we found princess the pit bull and murphy dog's bloggies. we had been followin' them for a few months and thought it would be really funsies to have a bloggie of our own!
      we are friendz with you on google friend connect, and you are friendz with us, too!

      the booker man


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