Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome To Joey's Winter Fashion Show!

Okay, furends, I am standing as close as I can to the computer screen so that you can get a better view of my turtleneck sweater (Exhibit A) which is part of my Winter Fashion Show. Don't you think it brings out the dreaminess of my tiny brown eyes?

Before I go on with the show please know that I will be asking you if I look better in my sweater (Exhibit A) or in my jacket (Exhibit B) or both at the conclusion of my fashion show. I've had mixed reviews from my pet sitters but I would rather get straight answers from all of my furry friends understand, right?

And don't you think the length of the sweater makes me look like a lean, not-so-mean, staring machine?

And don't you think plaid makes me look so preppy and smart?

And for your considersation, please take a look at my new (Exhibit B) thermal Zack and Zoey jacket! It is roomy enough to layer a sweater, t-shirt, or vest underneath for added warmth.  

And don't you think the black fleece collar adds inches to my already muscular chest?

And don't you think that a bright red jacket grabs the attention of everyone in the neighborhood? 

So now that my fashion show is over could you put your votes on the table (and not under the table, please)? All you need to do is tell me if you think I look better in a sweater (Exhibit A) or a jacket (Exhibit B) or both! The results of the Winter Fashion Show will be posted Saturday morning (December 11th)!

Thank you for pawticipating,

Joey the Italian Greyhound


  1. You look gorgeous in Exhibit A but a little plump in Exhibit B but I know the B is actually a very practical jacket as it's cold now, and I actually quite like it too. Therefore I vote BOTH!!!

  2. Joey you are so handsome! I think my favorite is Exhibit B, but both outfits are very stylish.

  3. You look great in both, but I like A better. B looks a bit big

  4. Awww handsome and lovely Joey!! Me and Charlie agree that you look ever so super duper gorgeous in BOTH outfits!!!! Lovely! Take care

  5. I vote for Exhibit A!!!!! Absolutely adorable, you are all set to eat some great biscuits at a ski chalet!!

    Also...I don't think your eyes are "tiny" at all...I think they are HUGE!

  6. the one with black collar ... JOEY you look like a dude.. boy you knew it before i said it .. dont you?????


  7. Both look very cozy but we like the sweater best.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  8. Exhibit A is definitely dashing, my dear! very Preppy! now all are you need is argyle socks...

  9. Joey, I think you look dashing in both, but as a Greyhound fashionista, I suggest something in red from Voyagers K9 Apparel. I think I have to vote for Exhibit A!


  10. I've seen a lot of doggies in jackets, but none in such a stylish sweater. Fashion-wise, I would choose the sweater (the first picture is extremely cute), but I admit, a nice warm jacket is great for the upcoming winter. We could use one too (and be sure we'd love to go for red :D)

  11. Charles & Irma MowrySaturday, 11 December, 2010

    Spanky and Trace think you look dashing in both. So do your human grandparents from Baden, PA.

  12. The jacket makes you look quite the muscle-dog but we're tending toward the sweater because it's houndstooth check, which seems particularly appropriate!
    Sherry, Alanis & Miro


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