Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working Like A Dog

Tell me something, humans, why is it that you act grouchy when you say you've been "working like a dog"? I don't understand what is so awful about working like a dog because, hey, I'm a dog and I have a job, and I happen to like riding to work with my parents every day. All I gotta say is if "working like a dog" is a bad thing then why do I have such a pawsome time with ...  

the white haired people at the nursing home?  They always smile when they see me coming. I don't know why they smile and pet my head so much but if it makes them happy, then I am happy too!

And speaking of happy....I was very happy to meet this fashionista, Lula! I never thought about wearing flowers on top of my ears until I met this nice lady! She was the best dressed lady I've ever laid eyes on and I want to be just like her when I grow up!  

And why do I enjoy my other PFF (Pug Friend Forever) friend, Isabella, so much? She's a silly girl, that's why! I mean, who can resist a pug who thinks she can win a game of "hide-and-seek" with a coon hound like me, anyway?

 And why does "working like a dog" seem like fun when I'm playing with my Samoyed friend, Tundra?

And what hard working class dog can resist a conversation with her one true love, Fred, in the middle of the day?

And if I didn't have my dog walking job, I wouldn't have met my other PFF's, Ace and Fenway, who always have something interesting to bark about.

And if working like a dog is so awful then why do I smile when I walk with Mini-Me (Miss Sophie), so much?

 And after a long day of work, dear humans, I am not grouchy; instead I am a dog with a job and I couldn't be happier!


  1. hi guys, On Saturday I am passing out awards. I only used Daisy's name butt it will be for all of you, OK????
    I think you are a very much hard working dawg and I think you LOVE all the parts of your job. That makes it MUCH easier. You prolly don't have to sit through... GASP... Staff Meetings. That would change your mind about some things. I'm just sayin'. hehehe

  2. Comment Part Dew...
    I'm still laughing about the Angelina J. Lips without lipstick thingy. TOOOOO funny.
    I go to visit the white and gray hairs like you do. BUTT some of their FAMILIES didn't like it that I posted their pictures so now I just go there and enjoy myself and don't have to deal with the flasher thingy.
    I think it might have all been beclaws two ladies once got into a FIGHT about who was going to hold me on their lap. They had globs of Frankie Fur to show for their efforts. Those two are not allowed to hold me any more though. Not MY RULE... the nursie chicks made that one up.

  3. Looks like an awesome job! Loved the pictures!

  4. Well, thanks to you, Frankie, for not being able to look at Fenway without laughing ever since yesterday all because I picture you laughing about the Angelina thingy! It's not very nice to laugh at my PFF so I try to hold back my giggles. Butt...Fenway's lips are pretty pouty aren't they?
    You go to see the white haired people too? Wow, you must be a comical guy to have around those old people! My mom was told ON THE WAY OUT THE DOOR that she wasn't supposed to take pictures of the residents butt she fell in love with the cute little lady who had those flowers in her hair and she just had to BREAK THE RULES just this once....She's not bringing her camera in there next time, I pawmous!
    My big 'ol ears perked up when my mom read that you are going to hand out awards on Saturday and I might get one? How exciting to be a famous blogger! And how nice of you to bark about me so nicely! You're the best!

  5. We never understood that saying either about working like a dog. The other saying..."sick as a dog". What does that mean? I rarely get sick unless I eat a bee! I love that woman with the flower in her hair...that is so nice!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. Sounds like a great job. We're always gettin' "You've got free room and board, medical, retirement, entertainment. Why don't you pull out a weed or two?"

    But, I ask you, who is keeping the cat population at bay? Who keeps away the salesmen? Who keeps your heart rate down when you're cuddling us? I just don't think we get enough credit some days. We work hard.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Henry, we enjoy visiting the white hairs at the retirement kennel, too! I think it's a great job, and I LOVE going to work with Mom at her job. I do understand why she comes home so tired, though! I retired from my first job before I ever started.

    We don't take pictures of the old skins, either, like Frankie, unless we have special permission. Once we saw a fight between an old man and woman over who could pass by in the hallway and Mom wished she had a video camera, though!


  8. that's a totally good question, miss daisy!
    nobuddy should evarrr be down in the dumps when they're working like a dog!!
    how super cool that you get to go visit all of the silver haired hoomans! i'm sure they love visiting with a pretty coonhound lady like you!
    oh, and i like miss lula's flowers alot, too. are you gonna start wearing flowers above your ears, too, miss daisy? i think you could totally rock that look!
    the booker man

  9. They say that because they don't know how to have fun while working!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. whoa.. hang on, Daisy, I thought you were a scaredy girl! You are brave enough to go in to nursing homes and keep company to those sweet old people? You're pawesome. Nice work!

  11. So, so true! How great to have a job that you love so much. :)

    Thanks for making us smile.

  12. Well you have a fantastic and multi-faceted career thing going on, Daisy. Not everyone has such stimulating stuff going on at work, I guess. But you're right. Most career oriented canines seem to have very rewarding and interesting occupations. Its working like a HUMAN that might be a drag in some cases.

    wags, Lola

  13. Nothing better than a working dog that has a job. It goes without saying they love their humans and their jobs. Spreading love where ever you go is actually a profession and all of our dogs have PHDs. Thanks for this great post.

  14. Daisy, you are a hard working sweetheart!...We are impressed by all your different jobs and how happily you do them=you spread joy, sweetie and that is awesome!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. So cute! So he's a coonhound! I'm so sorry I mistook him for a beagle earlier. I thought he was a little large for that, so I'm glad to know what he truly is. Cute post, and a very good question! Me thinks they were referring to sled teams. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  16. So funny! I was just thinking about reincarnation the other day and wondered if I might like to come back as a dog. Now I kinda think yes!

    Also, do you do this volunteering at the nursing home with an organization of any kind, or did you just set it up on your own? (I guess you should ask your mom to tell me...)

  17. A nice blog to follow and know about!

  18. We can see how happy you are at your work and how happy you make other humans and canines.
    We think humans expect too much - we dogs are much simpler and enjoy our work!
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  19. I think my mum needs to work like a dog so her will know how fun it can be. Her don't have a job...heck, she don't even cook or go to da gracery store. No, I haves no idea why dad keeps her. And that has nothing to do with your post.
    You are one hardworking doggie and I so respect that. Got any women over theres with BLUE hair.

  20. Good question to the hoomans!!! Let the hoomans figure it out! I doubt they can though. So, let's us have fun when we're working and enjoy our work, woof woof!!!

  21. You are so right!! We're working dogs and we love to work. When Mom needs help we're right there ready to do our part. We helped clean up the storm damage and today because it's raining again, we'll help her inside. Maybe we can help cook by licking the bowls. Yum!!


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