Thursday, November 18, 2010


Welcome to Thankful FUR 3 Thursday Blog Hop! Why did I create this Thursday blog hop, you ask? Simply put, my three kiddos (Henry, Buster, and Daisy) want to meet three or more friends on their favorite day of the week and I thought their idea was pawsome!

This pet friendly blog hop is for every 2-legged and 4-legged blogger who wants to meet new and old friends alike. If you are not a fan of blog hops and do not wish to add your link below, we invite you to simply have fun, leave a comment (or not), and meet new bloggers who might strike your fancy.

Here are the guidelines of the Thankful Fur 3 Thursday Blog Hop:

1. We love your pawticipation and want to show it! In addition to gaining followers, each week we are giving today's Google Friend Connect followers, RSS reader subscribers, and e-mail subscribers a chance to be featured in next Thursday's blog post by doing the following:

a) Become a Google Friend Connect follower or an e-mail subscriber or subscribe in a RSS reader and let us know what type of follower you are.

b) Leave a comment letting me know that you want to me to post a write-up for next Thursday's Blog Hop. When you comment please let me know what type of follower you are along with your blog address.

2. To join in the Thankful Fur 3 Thursday, include your link in our list and follow:

The Teacher's Pets and Feeling Beachie

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3. When people comment on your blog and let you know they’re a part of Thankful FUR 3 Thursday, return the favor and follow them back.

4. Remember, YOU can host the link list on your blog too! Just click “GET THE CODE HERE..." at the bottom of the page!

As promised, let's put our 3 newest blog friends in the SPOTLIGHT! We hope you will make add these fantastic bloggers to your blogroll list today!

1. These five beautiful AKC registered Siberian Huskies took my breath away when I met them last Thursday and I bet you can understand why, right? How could anyone resist reading about Gibson, Wolf, Chloe, Harley, and Bandit, anyway? Visit "The Five Sibes" and you will be delighted, I pawmise!


2. For some reason, Blogger is not allowing me to post a picture of what Suka looks like and I don't understand why because this Husky is absolutely gorgeous! From what Suka tells me, he was wandering along the streets of Minnesota when a very nice person gathered him up and took him to the local shelter and was dubbed "Murray" but when his new owner, KrisAnne, came along she changed his name to Suka because Suka means "fast" in the Eskimo language. Hmmmm.....I'm guessing Suka is a bit quick on his feet and lots of fun to be around so you'll have to hurry over to his blog to see him in action!

                   Paper Princess Chronicles

3. How clever of Heather to title her blog "Paper Princess" because she not only creates fabulous paper items for her Etsy shop but she was also employed as a princess at Disneyland and she was also a former Miss American pageant competitor. She also has a princess of a daughter and she lives in a palace (just kidding) with her handsome prince and she is truly blessed!


  1. Good Morning,

    Last week, I joined you for the first time and featured photos of Tsunami, one of my two Maine Coons. This week, I'm sharing a photo of Legend, my other Maine Coon. I also sent you an e-mail re: that third feature...

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Happy Thursday.... Rest, and feel better!

  3. Happy Thursday and we will check these bloggers out! thanks

  4. Happee Thursday. Cute friends!
    Benny & Lily

  5. Thanks for sharing some very nice friends!!!
    Join the Moosie Mission

  6. Wow the Five Sibes are beautiful and so is Suka - he's lovely!! Me and Charlie are so happy to meet them here!

    Awww the Paper Princess's blog is just dreamy!! What a talented woman!! We love that Heather is living a fairytale dream with her handsome prince and lil princess!! Take care

  7. Here's hoping that you are healing up fast!

  8. All the pets are gorgeous...I wish I could take home all of them. I'm an avid cat and dog lover!
    Take good care!

  9. I hope that this day found you feeling very much better after your accident.

  10. Hello Friends....I made a mistake in featuring The Paper Princess today! The blog I was supposed to feature was "Create With Joy" and her site is
    and I will feature her tomorrow or Saturday to make up for my error! Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly when I posted today! Go over to see her if you have a chance....she has 2 Maine Coon cats who would love to be your furend!

  11. Happy Blog HopThursday! Thank you so much for featuring our blog site today! We have posted a nice little "thank you" to you for that on our page. Happy Thursday-almost Friday-which means it's the weekend to you!

  12. Happy Thursday! In fact, it's my Friday here now, LOL!!!

    Thanks for introducing some new friends to us.

    Hope you're feeling much better too!

  13. Thank you so much for the woof-out! I love having my blog featured! It makes me feel furry special! Thank you, and tail wags to you!

    I am very bummed that you could not get a photo. I just don't understand why Blogger would not let you. Perhaps they are mad at me about something. I should dig into that!

    I love the FiveSibes, they are furry cool. And I will sniff my way over to Create With Joy. It is furry cool that you have your Thankful Fur Three Thursday blog hops. It is always great to meet new friends!

    Thanks again for featuring me!


    p.s. The FiveSibes are furry pretty Huskies, but I am a Malamute. :-> I get that all the time!


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