Friday, August 6, 2010

No Strings Attached

      Buster thinks we are the worst cat-parents in the world  because ...

 we won't allow him to play with the curtain cords in the bedroom  


or in the living room   

or in the bathroom!

In our defense, we did try other methods before taking his favorite toys away. For instance, we doused the cords in Bitter Yuck but Buster thought it tasted like Bitter Yum


and we tried to startle him with water but when neither tactic did the trick

                             we decided  to hang curtains with no strings attached!

What about you, dear cat owner? Do you have a chewer in your family? What is his favorite chew "toy" of choice? Have you been able to get him to stop chewing or not? What's the purrfect non-chewing solution in your home?


  1. Nope! We have a SCRATCHER here. The scratching post is just one of many things in Layla's collection - others being the carpet, the chairs, etc. Thankfully, she spends most of her time in the basement, so the house is not destroyed! It's why my mom decided to buy a vinyl futon - the cat won't scratch it!

  2. Hello

    Yes had a similar problem but offered new toys and hung the cors up high and all is fine and has been for over two years now.

  3. Oh's dears!!! We's don't have Kitty Kat siblings..butt we hear 'dey can be tricky tricky!!

    We tinks yous Momma took 'da right steps and hopefullys Buster will behave!!

    We's are just so well behaved ourself's and....

    Well, we tinks she needs some water and we's need icee creams...

    got lucks wits yous hand full!! SNORTS!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  4. The Baby is a terrible cord chewer. Even after destroying some power tools by chewing on the cords and burning her nose she persists! we use plastic cord covers on EVERYTHING with a cord.

  5. I'm sorry but I don't see the problem. Everything in the house is for the kitty's amusement isn't it?

  6. Bogey can get himself anywhere, so everything is fair game. He particularly likes reaching the highest point possible, i.e. top of closet, top of refrigerator, top of ladder, get the picture.



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