Monday, August 30, 2010

All Dressed Up And Somewhere To Go

Another reason why I love pet sitting is because I am constantly learning about new gadgets and gizmos related to pet care. For example, when I arrived at my "Meet and Greet" consultation at Teague's house he met me at the door wearing a cummerbund.


While I admired his fashionable outfit his  little brother, Rory, sat beside me wearing yet another cummerbund that was equally as cute.

According to Teague and Rory's owner, the pups have not been able to break the habit of marking their territory and at the last resort she outfitted her dogs in cummerbunds and the results have been reMARKable!   

Should you decide to order a cummerbund/belly band just remember that your pooch can be just as fashionable as the next guy (or girl) with these wonderful fabric choices found at

Give your dog a chance to get all dressed up so they have somewhere to go today!


  1. Oh my goodness those cummerbunds - I didn't even know about such things! LOL! So long as the doggies don't mind - why not?? I love that they come in different trendy prints!

    Take care

  2. We know a Bichon Frise in Rhode Island who has the same problem. First time we'd heard about the cummerbund.....but then we don't know many male dogs. Must be a fairly common problem, if they've made a range of products for them.

    They look cute.

  3. BaWaaaaaah now those are Cute and Funny too. Ruby might wear one... butt Penny likes to go totally nekkid.
    Soooo funny though.

    Glad that you got your thank you gifty. Hope you like it.

  4. Teague and Rory are the cutest Poodles Ever! Lily would love to meet them and take them out on a double date. We Sure hope you are staying cool in this heat!

  5. Those are schnazzi cumber-buns..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. My little Pom has to wear what I call his doggie diaper of shame. He too will mark territory in the house. After about 2 weeks of wearing his diaper band, he will stop marking for a while. Then one day I will notice the tiny tell tale drops and it's back with the band.

    Oh for long hair dogs, like my Pom I have to get him clipped for the cummerbund. It is too hard working around all that hair.

  7. Ahhh, doggie haute couture! Neat idea.


  8. Wow we had no idea that there were things like that - we haven't really ever needed them is probably why. But they sound like a great idea and are very stylish too! And Teague and Rorry are super cuties!!

  9. Oh no! I can't let my humans seee this! They may think of getting me one!


  10. Very fancedy!

    Nubbin' wiggles,

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