Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful FUR 3 Thursday

Welcome to my THIRD installment of Thankful Fur Three Thursday! Why did I create this Thursday blog hop, you ask? Simply put, my three kiddos (Henry, Buster, and Daisy) want to meet three or more friends on their favorite day of the week and I thought their idea was pawsome!

Sooo Thankful Fur Three Thursday is all about THREE THINGS: 1) Thanking THREE of our newest Google Friend Connect followers and bragging about them every Thursday 2) The opportunity to spread your blog around town by adding your blog URL to Mr. Linky BELOW 3) Meeting and following at least THREE new blogs

If you are a new follower and would like your blog to be one of the THREE BLOGS featured next Thursday you must leave a comment with your URL. Thank you and have fun!


And now, the moment you've been waiting for....let me introduce you to my THREE NEWEST FRIENDS! Be sure to greet them as soon as pawsible, okay?

1. Meet Lille Diane and her muse, Opie Taylor! Lille is an artist, photographer, writer, and musician. Lille is one of the most talented gals I know and when I grow up I want to be just like her! 

2. Ron Cooper finds inspiration in the simpler things in life and he inspires others in his  poems, prayers and other writings on his blog. I think he just might be the next Dr. Phil!  

3.  Kari is a mom to a very energetic 2 year old and teething 4 month old. In between changing diapers, watching Thomas the Train, playing outside and enjoying the nice New England weather I love blogging about the latest and greatest coupons, deals, product reviews and giveaways.


  1. I hope I did it right.. Definitely interested in meeting some new folks! And three is just the perfect number. Neat idea!

  2. Hello Miss Daisy nd everbuddy,
    Gosh, it seems like I've been gone furevers.
    Happy Thankful Thursday!!
    I will haves to go meet your new furiends.
    My keboard is actiin uop so I'll be back later...I hate wireless keyboards!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like this feature. I will go check out their blogs.

  4. Finally gots here...better late than never!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Hi! Glad you joined in the fun of Friendly Friday. Thanks for your comment. I'm actually from Texas, but I am a teacher so we have that in common. As far as the blog hop, I don't know what the secret is. I think having several hostesses really helps!


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