Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seven Cats, Six Turtles, Two Pet Sitters

Since I haven't posted about any of our kitty clients recently I decided to make up for it in a BIG way by introducing you to not one, but seven cats, who all live together with our client, Lorraine, who likes to call herself "The Cat Lady".  Since she had a feeling we would need a "cheat sheet" to keep us from calling her cats by the incorrect name she provided the one above! Their names are: Odin, Freya, Gaia, Brigit, Apollo, Artemis, and Loki. The seventh cat, Loki, couldn't fit on the sheet but we found him easily amongst his siblings.

 It was quite overwhelming to be surrounded by seven affectionate cats who were either rubbing against our legs, crawling onto our laps, or playing with our shoelaces but once the introductions were over they politely backed away so we could talk to their owner. 

To prepare us for future cat visits, Lorraine gave us a mini dinner time tutorial. Yum! Yum!

Here's Loki! Of course, I would think he's cute because he looks just like our Henry, don't you think? Loki enjoys eating alone on the counter far away from his siblings. 

Odin, Gaia, Apollo, Freya, and Artemis love eating on the floor together.

And let's not forget the cat number seven, Brigit, who loves to eat at the dinner table.

When the dinner tutorial came to an end, we were surprised to learn that Lorraine had been keeping a secret from us! In fact, she had SIX secrets: turtles!


I was fascinated with this big fella. Isn't he handsome?

 I look way too excited here but this was the first time I ever held a turtle!I was proud of myself to say the least.

Amos picked up plenty of turtles in his lifetime so picking up this one was not as exciting for him as it was for me, but he was polite enough to do it for me and for my blog. Isn't that sweet?

We enjoyed meeting Lorraine's pets so much that it was hard to say goodbye but we'll see Lorraine's critters again and we look forward to it!


  1. Thank you so much, April and Amos, for that wonderful tribute to my large family. You guys came to my rescue when I desperately needed a sitter at the last minute. Thanks for being so diligent and accommodating. You’re awesome!
    I say I have a divine household because all of my cats are named after gods & goddesses – and they are certainly worshipped. All of the kitties came to me as either strays or shelter cats. Odin & Freya had been abandoned in an apartment when their previous owner was evicted. Brigit was being given away at a yard sale right after having had kittens. It baffles me how cruel some people can be. Loki was a feral cat who, after some “cat whispering,” took to the warm and well-fed domesticated life pretty well. Gorgeous Apollo is such a flirt and a momma’s boy.
    April’s picture of the turtles shows their spring quarters, when they were not quite awake yet from hibernating all winter. When they’re fully awake, they’ll be swimming around in their 100 gallon aquarium. Turtles are hearty; I’ve had one, Big Daddy, for 34 years!

  2. Beautiful cats!! They were always my first love, and it's my dream to have multiple cats one day--But right now I will have to settle for my one and multiple dogs instead!
    I've never thought of turtles before, hmmmmm.... :-)

  3. Look at all those little food bowls. Based on the comment left by your client, you definitely do a great job caring for them when their owners aren't there. It must put them at ease while they're out!

  4. lots a kittys to chase
    nitey nite
    Benny & Lily

  5. Cats and turtles! Pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

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