Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're Getting Published In The Hippo Press!

Ever since I found out that Teacher's Pet Sitting Service will be a feature story in the Hippo, a free Manchester area weekly newspaper, on March 25th, I have been on cloud nine because I never imagined our business would attract the attention of a small local newspaper, but it has and I cannot wait to read the column!

This is how it all happened: 

On Monday morning I e-mailed the staff at the Hippo,, asking what I needed to do to get our business featured in the newspaper. Our story was approved and we set up a phone interview with Jeff, the staff writer, for the following morning and then Amos and I started to get nervous because this was our first business interview and we didn't have time to rehearse our lines! By Friday morning, the phone rang! I stammered for a bit because I couldn't believe that it was finally happening! We were about to talk about our business to a staff writer who was going to share our story with the public!

During our conversation, Jeff mentioned that he'd love to include a few photos of us with some of our four-footed clients and we wondered how we could make that happen since our clients are scattered throughout Manchester, Bedford, Hooksett, and Auburn. The only logical conclusion was to meet some of our clients at one spot and

Hooksett Dog Park was the logical choice!

Once Daisy and I met up with clients, Ace and Fenway, they were camera-shy. Oh no! 

After several more attempts of photographing the threesome it was clear that they did not want to be in the Hippo so the search continues for photo-friendly pups.

How will we ever find the right dogs to pose for our newspaper column? Stay tuned for updates!


  1. That is pawesome!
    Let us know when the column is featured, ok?
    Kisses and hugs


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