Thursday, March 10, 2011

And I Shall Find Some Peace There

While I was lying in bed two nights ago without my mom (who is still as sick as a *ahem* dog, by the way) I waited with my pal, Piglet, for her to come home from her visit with a lady by the name of

 Margaret Roach who wrote a book called And I Shall Find Some Peace There. I don't understand why my mom drove all the way to Gibson's 
Bookstore to have some stranger tell her how to find peace when I could have given her the same advice for FREE! But instead,

my mom spent her hard earned money on this book and she

 also got her new writer friend to sign the front page!

Okay, I admit that I don't have the opposable thumbs to sign a book but I do know how to find some peace with my mom, in bed, where she belonged (with her new book beside her)for the rest of the night.


  1. What a sweetheart you are, taking care of mom, while she is sicky!


  2. If you write a book, you can put your pawprint in as your pawtograph...

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Sorry your Mom is still feeling bad. Hopefully the book will help her get back on the right track.

  4. Wish I had been able to go! Looks like it was a great evening!!! Hope you continue to feel better and better each day!!

  5. Awww lovely Daisy!! Please keep snoopervising mum so she'd have plenty of rest!!!

    It's brilliant that she got her copy of this book signed!! Wonderful! I think it's a lovely title and it sounds like the sort of book to read and savour when feeling a little low! Take care

  6. OMD.. so sorry to hear that your mom is still sickie.
    I think she would have been better off staying with you and your pink piggy. I'm just sayin.. Butt I can see MY mom doing the same thingy! SIGH

  7. Hello! It's me, Daisy, and I still don't understand why humans have to drive far, far away to buy a book but I hope my mom got it out of her system so she can rest and start feeling better already!

  8. We so hope that new book and your snuggles help make the Mom feel much better soon. You are a very sweet and caring pup.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Daisy, your Mom is very lucky to have you cuz you are very caring and loving. Bet you could have helped her find peace without driving so far or spending those green papers.
    woofs and wags

  10. Oh Daisy, take good care of your mom!

  11. Awww I'm sure you give your momma lots of peace without even trying!


    Minnie Moo

  12. you are a good girl Daisy. This one over here is coughing all over us
    Benny & Lily

  13. Hi! Daisy! It's me Buddy, and we are hoping that your Mom feels better real soon. A good book really does help!

  14. Daisy, humans are a puzzle. Always looking for something that is RIGHT there in front of them. You are the picture of peace, girl.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Hope she feels better soon.

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  16. Hope your mom feels better and wow, she knows a famous author, that is so cool! I read (see my profile picture?). You don't need thumbs - turn pages with your tongue!

  17. Hope your Mom feels better real soon. I'm sure da book will help hers!

  18. resting in bed with mom, that sounds divine!

  19. Hope Mom feels better and enjoys the book. What a caring gal you are.

  20. We sure hope your mom is feeling better!


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