Thursday, March 8, 2018

2 Reasons Why Ajax Loves His Backpack

 Hi Folks!

Do you remember me? I'm Ajax, the kinda nervous fella who has been getting walking lessons from my patient friend, April, and her pup, Daisy for a little while! 

What you probably don't recognize is this fancy Outward Hound backpack (less than $20) that I started wearing a few times all on account of my mom and April thinking I needed a job to do (carrying weights is a V-E-R-Y important job you know!) while I was out and about! 

April also thinks the backpack serves as a kinda security blanket that calms me down when I see and hear cars (I H-A-T-E CARS!!!) and I think she's right because as soon as she puts the backpack on me I calm way, way down!

As you can see, after the walk I'm very tired but also very proud that I got the backpack home where it needed to go! So there  you have it: I love my backpack because I feel important having a J-O-B to do and I love that it feels like a security blanket!

I'm telling you FUR real that this backpack has helped me go further and further down the road with more confidence than I ever had before!

Does your dog have a backpack? If so, what does he/she love about it? Please comment below! 

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