Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sonya and Sophia Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family

One of the most rewarding things about professional pet sitting is to bring joy and comfort to cats who don't understand why their humans had to leave unexpectedly for a few days. 

When I first began visiting creamy calicos, Sophia (on the cat tree) and Sonya, they were reluctant to trust me but as soon as I filled their food bowl, scooped their litter box, and

 scratched Sonya's head (I was told she was standoffish with strangers)

 she and 

her sister, Sophia, soon thought of me as their new buddy and I couldn't have been more thrilled about that! 

If you live in Dover, New Hampshire, and are in need of a reliable and professional cat sitter please consider hiring Teacher's Pet Sitting Service to give your cats the TLC they deserve!

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