Friday, February 2, 2018

Daisy Poses With Tom Brady!

Since the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, February 4th, I thought I would share this picture of Daisy with Tom Brady (taken at downtown Dover's very own Nicole's Hallmark) for you to admire!

As you can see, Daisy was exasperated by this photo opportunity because she could NOT be fooled into thinking that this was the REAL Tom Brady so Janet (the owner of the store) tried to help me get a better picture of my girl by standing

across from her (Janet was cropped out of the photo per her request) with a few milk bones in hand! I'd like to say that Daisy stared meaningfully into Tom's eyes but she didn't but even still I am proud of her for playing (see what I did there?) along!

Now that Daisy associates Tom (or is it the store?) with milk bones I'm going to assume she's a Patriot fan! Are you?

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