Saturday, November 4, 2017

November Started Off On the Right Paw For 3 Buddies!

The first three days of November started off on the right paw for Arty (the white fella on the left), Iggy, and 

Daisy because this was the second time in a few short months that they'd been together! 

Arty made up for lost time by catching and later gobbling every leaf I tossed to him (yes, he REALLY does eat leaves) and

Iggy looked forward to snoring peacefully while I relaxed beside him! 

These boys were so happy to spend time with Daisy and me that it didn't bother them in the least to take their supplements and medications! 


After they came home from their walks

the pals needed even more rest followed by 

bedtime! Waking up to see these faces was comical because their personalities and 

postures were unique!

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  1. I want to be a dog. How great to take a nap before bedtime.


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