Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Game of Trivia With Maebe and Rufus!

 Here's a trivia question for you: After looking at both pictures of rat terrier, Maebe, and Rufus the Plott hound mix, can you guess which one portrays a "before the walk" and "after the walk" pose? 

I'll give you a hint: Compare the length of Rufus's tongue in each picture and I bet you'll figure it out!

Still stumped? I'll give you another hint: Look closely at where little Maebe is standing! Does she look ready for a walk or a break? 

If you guessed that the introductory photo was taken right after their walk you are correct! Rufus had been walking at such a brisk pace that his tongue (along with the rest of his body) got a workout! Combine that with the look of "If I walk too close to the door will you make me go out AGAIN?" on Maebe's face! 

As you can imagine, I am constantly entertained by the expressions on every dogs' face before, during, and after their walks! 

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