Thursday, August 4, 2016

Would You Please Help Missing Min-Pin, Maddox, Find His Way Home?

Hello Everyone, 

Would you please help Maddox find his way home by spreading the news about his Facebook page? Although I am in New Hampshire and he has been tracked to be in or near Oklahoma I know I have dedicated readers who live out west and could be a great help with just one click of a button! 

  I wrote about him shortly after he escaped in 2013 and he is, sadly, still missing and it breaks my heart!  

 Jackie Vestal has been searching tirelessly for her 7-year-old miniature pinscher, Maddox, since Christmas Eve after he escaped from his pet sitter's garage while she and her husband were on vacation.

 As soon as Jackie and Brandon were alerted of Maddox's escape they rushed to Oklahoma City to find him but to no avail so Jackie took a leave of absence from work to dedicate her time to finding her beloved dog and quickly set up a Facebook page, Twitter account and website (Bring Maddox Home)to gain support from the public.  

Maddox's parents are in need of your support so would you please let them know you are crossing your paws for them today?  Thank you! 


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  2. So sad. We'll spread the word
    Lily & Edward

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