Thursday, August 18, 2016

My First Tippi Hedren Experience With My Feathered Friend, Charlie

Based on my fear of low-flying birds after watching Alfred Hitchcock's horrifying movie, The Birds, I was concerned when Charlie's  owners told me he might try to escape while I filled his food and water bowls even though they assured me he would go right back in if I asked him to hop on my finger.

As you can imagine, I was very careful while I refilled Charlie's bowls but he viewed my arm as a bridge towards freedom!

 I thought it was cute at first to watch him prance on top of the cage but


when I tried to lure him back inside with a piece of lettuce he playfully nipped my finger because this was all just a game to him!


Soon after that, Charlie decided to recreate a scene from The Birds by flying throughout the kitchen! I tried not to scream or panic but when he flew just inches above my head I was terrified that he would come in for a landing on my head and possibly take a few chunks of my blonde hair along with him and start building a nest. The only way, in my mind, to prevent me from becoming another Tippi Hedren victim (yes, I'm exaggerating a bit) was to avoid his flying pattern and try to remain calm! 

It was a battle of wills by this point and I had only one more strategy left: I was going to focus my attention on "his" turtle and fish friends who no doubt were thankful for this change of scenery! 

Within minutes, Charlie swooped to the top of the cage for a bite of the lettuce that I'd left there earlier and then he ambled onto the inside pole just below him and then I quickly closed the gate! 

To be fair, Charlie was a gentle, playful little guy who was just having a little fun with his pet sitter and I can't say as I blame him! After all, he was accustomed to leave the cage every day and he thought I gave him permission to do so!

As I conclude this story, I wonder if any of my readers have an irrational fear of birds after watching The Birds?

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  1. Mom is being that lady for Halloween and sticking birds on her head
    Lily & Edward


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