Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gizmo Spends 22 Purrfect Days With His Pet Sitter

When I first met Gizmo I noticed how playful, loving, and silly he was with his parents so I worried how he would do without them for 22 days but I'm happy to report that he did very well but as per usual with long-term pet care assignments Gizmo talked me into staying A-L-O-T longer than the usual 30 minutes as described on my website because he clearly needed more attention after several days went by!

In case you're wondering what on earth I would do with a cat for a longer-than-usual visit I gave Gizmo extra treats,

                                                              screen time,

                                   and lots of neck massages!
If you live in the Dover, NH, area and are planning a getaway but don't know who to trust to take care of your cat(s), I can help! I offer reasonable rates that start at the base rate of $15 per visit, complimentary home care tasks to make your home look lived-in for security purposes, visit updates by phone or e-mail, and so much more!  

To book a free Meet and Greet I can be reached at 603-315-1764 or via my website at!

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