Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Cat, Two Chinchillas, and Four Guinea Pigs Spend 14 Days With Their Pet Sitter!

For fourteen delightful days I visited seven pets who were unique in personality, size, and breed! First off, I was greeted by the lovely Miss Lavi who loved lounging on the couch with me before I went upstairs to visit

chinchilla siblings, Winston and

Kindle! This was my first experience visiting chinchillas and I was amazed at how soft, gentle, and H-U-G-E they were!

Next up, was to say hello to these sweet little singing (yes, they sang every time I opened their cage to feed and pet them!) guinea pigs named Stitch, Cocoa,

Lucy and Poppy! 

Since two weeks is a long time to be without their humans, all of the critters, especially Lavi, were happy to have me lengthen their visits well past the allotted 30-40 minutes time frame! 

If you live in the Dover, NH, area and are worried about leaving your small "zoo" behind for a day, a week, or even longer I'd be happy to ease your mind by giving them the same loving care you provide them! 

For more information about my services please visit my website today! 


  1. Wonderful that you are there for them. I cared for guinea pigs that would sing every time they heard you open the fridge door. They were so cute. Deb

  2. That's wonderful, Deb! After a few days I swear they heard me park my car because they started making noise as soon as I opened the front door! So cute!

  3. Now that's an exciting crew
    Lily & Edward


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