Monday, June 20, 2016

7 'Rules of Paw' To Keep in Mind While Walking Your Dogs This Summer

Since it's the first day of summer and temperatures are expected to rise higher than ever this year I wanted to reiterate how important it is to keep your dog's paws safe by following these 7 rules of paw:

1. As a basic ‘rule of paw’-If the pavement feels too hot for your bare feet, it is too hot for your dog. 
2.Pressing your own bare hands and feet on the pavement for at least 7-8 seconds is a recommended strategy to assess heat level  
3.If the 7-8 second test yields a comfortable temperature, it is still critical to consider other factors to assess safety accurately. 
4. The air temperature is NOT an accurate reflection of ground temperature at all!
5. Asphalt and other ground surfaces retain heat and this temperature rises exponentially as heat and sun exposure continues. (See chart above). 
6.Furthermore, the time of day is very relevant! 
7.Asphalt soaks up the heat all day and can only cool down at a certain rate and only when the sun retreats- so pavement that was deemed safe for a walk at 9 am may differ greatly at high noon and into the early evening.

If you want to take an outing with your dog in the summer think water! Even non-water dogs still like to run along the edge and get their feet!

Please pass these post along to anyone who might need to review these safety reminders! Thank you! 

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