Thursday, March 17, 2016

Izak the Goat Celebrates St. Patrick's Day In Style in Dover, NH!

Whoever ranked Dover, NH, as one of the LEAST walkable cities in the state must not have walked down our main thoroughfare, Central Avenue, because if he did he would've met our famous resident, Izak, who should've brought our ranking up to #1. 

Can any city claim to have a goat who looks as cute as this on St. Patrick's Day and every other special occasion and holiday for that matter? I would say, "No!".

And can any other city boast that his owner, Bill, takes such good care of Izak that he lives in his apartment? Again, I would say, "No!"

Truly, the residents of Dover consider Izaak to be our pot of gold! 

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  1. Happy St Patrick's Day! We love your post about Izak! Re Buddy, Fenway, Krya, Sandi & Trevor.. I wanted to let you know that a number of the woofies you posted about who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 were featured in a Remembrance Show I created & published this week, honoring those bloggers' dogs who crossed in 2015. Buddy,Fenway, Krya, Sandi and Trevor are among the 70 included. Hopefully you don't mind passing on the links to their owners? Am so sorry for their loss The link to the musical show is on our blog post of March 12:


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