Saturday, January 2, 2016

Four Reasons Why I Love Daisy's Bamboo Quick Control Leash and Seat Belt Latch

Would you believe that I snagged this Bamboo Quick Control Dog Leash and Seat Belt Latch at a Goodwill Store for $4.98? And what a surprise to find that this leash is not only sturdy but also very functional; so functional, in fact, that I never leave the house without it. 

One reason why I love this leash is because the leash's seat belt latch doubles as a key chain holder!

Second, I can easily reach in for a tasty reward for Daisy and some emergency money for her human all because a zippered pocket is at my fingertips!

Third, buckling Daisy into the backseat is a fantastic safety feature because she stays in one place without jeopardizing our safety throughout the drive.

And finally, with the help of the seat belt latch and clip, I can give Daisy a few more minutes of fresh air while I unload grocery bags from the car!

As you can see, I am hooked on this durable, incredible leash and I hope you will consider buying one on Ebay or at Goodwill today!


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  3. That does look pretty handy!


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