Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Sweet Friend Olivia and I Reunited at Last!

For nearly two months I took care of 19 year old Olivia while her owners were vacationing in Europe and during that time she and I formed a wonderful bond so of course I had a difficult time saying goodbye to her in October and wondered when I would see her again so I'm happy to report that my wish to reunite with her came true last week for three blissful days! 

Even though she's an old gal I swear that she heard me park my car in her driveway because she trotted to the front door as soon as I opened it! She meowed loudly and I scooped her into my arms right away until she let me know she was ready for her 

          wet food topped with chicken broth!

Afterwards, she hopped onto the couch waiting for me to sit beside her and pet her silky fur! 

Needless to say, she talked me into staying much longer than the usual thirty minutes by purring and nuzzling up to my arm. I mean, with a face like hers how could anyone resist?

For Olivia's age she's in amazingly good health so it is my hope, of course, that she remains that way for as long as possible! 

If you live in the Dover/Durham, New Hampshire area and are in need of a trustworthy, professional pet sitter to take care of your cat(s) please contact me! I am always happy to add new friends to the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service family!

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