Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Will Never Be the Same Without My Dear Henry

It's hard to believe that five years ago today Henry was meowing at trick-or-treaters from the top floor window begging me to take him to the front steps to meet them and to chase, swat, and catch leaves. As was always the case, many were surprised that he was so fearless in the midst of strangers and costumed ones at that and of course that was my opportunity to brag that he was adventurous from the moment I met him. 

When I made the snap decision to adopt him from my workplace, Pensacola Junior College, in 1999 he was ignoring the pleas from my boss to remove himself from her desk! He thought it was fun to "type" unintelligible words on the keyboard and push important paperwork onto the floor instead! It was at that moment that I thought he was my soulmate; a rebel without a cause! 

As you can see, whenever the visitor lines slowed down I could always count on Henry to head to the front lawn to attract people to him and he did such a good job of it that our candy bowl emptied within a few hours! 

In my opinion there will never be another cat who matches Henry's outgoing personality and that is part of the reason why I haven't adopted another friend yet. It has been ten months since he left this earth and I don't think I will ever adjust to his absence especially during important days such as Halloween. 

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