Monday, July 6, 2015

My 5 Pug Puppy Surprise!

For those who know me well you are aware that I adore pugs and have fantasized for years about adopting a little girl and naming her Vera Wang so imagine my surprise when I arrived at a "Meet and Greet" to go over details about caring for their FOUR pugs to find FIVE more...5 puppies, that is! 

Chante had just given birth four hours to three boys and two girls before I arrived and I was astonished, overjoyed, and overwhelmed with joy! Even though I've been a professional pet sitter for years I've never had the opportunity to see ANY newborn pet and I must say that I could barely make myself leave their side! 

 As you can imagine, I wanted to hold all of the puppies but the worried look on Momma's face while holding her little man made me stopped me from asking to hold the others.

Look at those faces! I daresay that this picture is my favorite! Chante's owner told me that puppies are very cold when first born and their eyes stay closed for 12 days. I was in awe of this mother's love for this little one! 

Can you imagine how many times I said goodbye before I really and truly left the house? When I said my final goodbye I told her to take care of her babies and I'd be back next week for 7 glorious days! I can't wait and I will be sure to post updates and lots of pictures!


  1. Oh my dawg! Precious
    Is Vera Wang in your near future
    Lily & Edward


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