Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet My Giant Schnauzer Friend, Reggie!

In all of my years as a dog walker I thought I knew of every dog breed until I was hired to walk a Giant Schnauzer named Reggie and by G-I-A-N-T I mean that he is approximately 2 feet tall which means that his back reaches my waist and I can rest my hand on his back as we stroll through his neighborhood! 

Many mistake my coon hound, Daisy, as a tall beagle but I've explained numerous times that there is no such breed and


when she walks next to her G-I-A-N-T friend she looks more like a very S-H-O-R-T beagle!

I wish I was good at taking selfies so I could show you the comparison of his height to my 5'2" frame but hopefully this picture suffices! 

Besides Reggie's astounding size and overall adorableness he is finicky when it is time for snacks and prefers apples and carrots instead of biscuits!

As you can see, dog walking is a joy especially with new friends like Reggie and I am so glad I chose to put Teacher's Pet Sitting Service on the map ten years ago!


  1. Reggie appears like a loyal dog :)

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