Friday, March 28, 2014

Stunning Photos Help Fight Black Dog Syndrome

Did you know that there has been a stereotype against dark-colored dogs because they appear to be a little bit plain even though they’re bursting with personality? Because of this reason and many others these poor dogs are often overlooked at shelters.

Fortunately Fred Levy, a 44-year-old photographer from Maynard, Massachusetts, is standing up for black dogs through the Black Dogs Project, a photo series that photographs these poor dogs against a dark background. The initiative tells the story of the difficulties these dogs face when waiting to be adopted.  

One such dog is Bo who is a blind Lab mix who is still looking for his seeing eye owner. He came from a kill shelter down South, and has been staying with a woman who is fostering him.

Denver's owner takes him to be with people who need comfort. In fact, he spent time with a first responder fro the Boston Marathon bombings, giving support to victims as they were dealing with the traumatic experience. 

If you live in the Maynard, Massachusetts, area and have a black dog who has a story to tell please contact Levy at and your dog will be a part in the Black Dogs Project.

Another way to raise awareness of the plight of black dogs you can "like" The Black Dogs Project on Facebook.



  1. My very first dog, Velvet, was a black mutt. she was 3 months old when I chose her from the Humane Society. I had her for 15 1/2 years...not long enough. I miss her still. My current buddy is a bi-black Sheltie, Stella, a rescue whom I adore. P.S. We have 2 black cats, too.

  2. Obviously we love black dogs as we have seven of them.


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