Saturday, March 15, 2014

Henry's Follow-Up Veterinary Exam

Last Friday Henry had an appointment to get his thyroid level checked so since he loves car rides (and has ever since he was a kitten) he insisted on being my co-pilot.


When he got tired of driving he hopped over to the passenger seat and thought about how he's been feeling so happy, hungry, frisky, and as curious as ever for the past three weeks but 

when the vet told him his thyroid level was extremely high and his double ear infection hadn't completely gone away he was very shocked and discouraged.

After a few more minutes of snuggling Henry looked into his vet's eyes while she told him he needed: 

- BNT gel for both ears
- A hyperthyroid panel test
- More treats to help him gain weight since he only weighs 7.26 pounds
- To increase his dosage of methimazole transdermal ear gel
- To make a follow up appointment for next week

 After all of the driving, medical updates, and instructions Henry was ready to go to bed to dream of feeling better soon.


  1. What an incredibly SWEET boy Henry is! Such a good boy! Hoping he feels better soon poor little guy! xoxo

  2. Henry! Feel better, buddy!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  3. Never take any pet in your car that isn't safely secured.


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