Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Office Chair Becomes the Cat's Meow!

Ever since I moved to Dover three years ago I've been blogging (along with my cat, Henry) on this bistro chair and never thought about how uncomfortable it was until a dear friend pointed it out so I promptly

replaced it with a proper office chair. At first Henry (who ALWAYS claims new furniture as his own) didn't know what to do when his perch was removed but in time 

he warmed the seat along with his younger brother, Buster, and soon after that

he was using the chair as a cat tree!

So, as far as Henry is concerned, the bistro chair is a thing of the past and the office chair is officially the cat's meow!


  1. LOL!!! Glad Henry and Buster approve of the new chair!! Take care

  2. Whatever you can reach is yours right
    Lily & Edward

  3. Splendid! And rather multipurpose, too. ;) Nothing makes offices more dynamic than new office furniture. It can revitalize a space in such a practical and aesthetic sort of way.

    Concord Supplies

  4. Your cat looks adorable while chilling in your new office chair. Haha! I love how he just claims the furniture like it's his bed. I bet he thinks you bought it just for that purpose too. I hope you don't mind Henry using the new chair as a cat tree. Anyway, thanks for sharing that adorable story. Wishing you and your cats all the best! :)

    Scott Olpin

  5. Working all day behind a laptop may be unhealthy for your whole body particularly your back. therefore you actually would like an honest chair to sustain you thru the total day. My "office" chairs reception are not suitable the quality "how sensible the chair should be to sit down all day", however it is a cute white chair (you will get a peek on my instagram). Eventually we'll be upgrading to higher chairs, except for currently this works. As we do not sit on that each hour of the day. Sitting eight hours every day at work on the workplace is another story. It's like sitting on concrete generally.


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