Friday, February 7, 2014

Henry's Deep Thoughts About His Medical Exam Choices

 Hello Everyone, 

I just wanted to tell you that Henry has been reading your comments concerning his three medical exam choices for hours and the one thing that keeps popping into his little head is that he is so thankful for everyone who has been praying and giving opinions about this serious decision.

When I walked into my boss's office at Pensacola Junior College 14 years ago he was peering into her computer without permission so Miss Cook and I laughed and agreed that he was one smart kitty so it is of no surprise that he is doing the same thing except this time I gave him permission to do so because he has been researching all of his options even further. I

I am convinced that between myself, Henry, and our friends' opinions we will make the right choice. 

His appointment is at 5:00 pm today and Henry and I will update you tomorrow.

Thank you for your concern!


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