Monday, May 20, 2013

Beatrice's Weekend With Her Pet Sitter Wins a Four Paws Up Vote!

Before I stayed overnight with Beatrice she stayed at her grandparent's home and all was well until she was asleep in her crate and that was when she started shivering and crying.  The poor thing missed her parents and wanted to be at her own home and that's where I came in two weekends ago.  Literally.

Beatrice's mom thought her puppy would be happier at home but wondered if she would get too lonely. As you can see in the picture above, she spent a lot of time telling her new pet sitter that it was so nice to have me sit beside her on HER couch and then she started to get sleepy so naturally

she wandered to the pillow behind me and took a long nap.

When she woke up she was so happy that I still there that she asked me to go out to play with her. Of course, I thought it was the cutest thing in the world that she dragged her favorite blanket outdoors. Can everyone say, "Awww!"?

After sleeping until 10:00 in the morning (Have you ever met a dog who sleeps in that late?) without one moment of shivering and crying I drove home and came back with a new friend for Beatrice. Daisy! As you can see, the two had a lot to investigate and talk about. I have a feeling they are going to request to have play dates in the near future!

The verdict of Beatrice's first weekend at home with her pet sitter? Four paws up, my friends, and I am so happy she was comforted that I was there!


  1. Awwwww Beatrice!! What a sweetie!! Glad she has lovely company now in the form of you and Daisy!! Yay!! Take care

  2. Of course she felt better being at home and knowing she was well cared for. Sleep til 10!!! WOW, I sleep til 4:30 then it is up and at them.

  3. I've never ever met a dog who sleeps til 10 am but that's Beatrice for you! I confess that I didn't believe her parents when they said this actually happens but they were right! She's one years old so maybe that's why she gets her beauty rest until then?

  4. hmm really good one, have almost the same mind when went out leaving my husky at a pet sitter overnight.


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