Friday, November 2, 2012

Elect a CVHS Re-PUP-lican or a Demo-Cat for $45 and Gain a Friend for Life!

The staff at Cocheco Valley Humane Society have created an adorable, clever, and fitting way to campaign for potential adopters to elect a Re-PUP-lican or a Demo-Cat to be their new best friend for a lifetime. From November 1st - 18th all dogs and cats who are 6 months and older are just $45!

If you live within a reasonable driving distance from Cocheco Valley Humane Society, located in Dover, New Hampshire, you will see lots of potential new best friends such as:

Slick, a handsome male orange tabby who is 2 years old, 


Hex, a 4 year male whose outstretched paw is hard to resist, 


Pookie Bear, a 13 year old female whose sad but beautiful face made me wish I had room for her in my home, 


Honey Boo Boo, a two year old female who looks shocked that she's been at the shelter for 52 days, 


10 year old beauty, Jasmine, and dozens more cats and dogs are all waiting patiently for their humans to take them home. 

Will you elect to take one of these Demo-cats home by the 18th of November for only $45? If you prefer to take a Re-PUP-lican home instead, there's plenty to choose from here. Remember,if you have room in your heart for just one animal, you will have a friend for a lifetime! 


  1. April: we made need a petsitter real soon if my ditzy robot mom can't find her way back home!
    What a great way to get homes for those cuties..that big grey cat scared the begezus out of me though!
    stella rose

    1. Ha! Ha! That big gray cat, Pookie Bear, is a bit intimidating to look at at first but I think she has a right to be upset since she just lost her owners for so long! I will happily be your pet sitter if your mom doesn't make it home in time for your next meal, fur sure! I'm so there!

  2. We wish them forever homes soon. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a fun way to find forever homes for these sweethearts! Yay! Take care

  4. What a brilliant idea.


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