Saturday, August 25, 2012

Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest

 Henry needs you to shower him with lots of silly captions for this weekend's Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest! Can you help? Can you figure out what he's thinking about? He looks like he's got a lot to say and needs your purrfect caption!

If you are feeling silly and wish to pawticipate, the rules of the contest are as follows:

1) You must be a blog follower to enter this contest!

2) When captioning, please tell me if you are following me via GFC, e-mail, or RSS. I will, of course, return the favor by becoming your newest follower.

3) Caption the silly photo. Enter as many times as you wish!

4) Not creative with captions? Vote for your favorite caption!

5) Submit your entries until noon (EST) tomorrow, August 26th! Sorry, late entries will not be accepted.

The winner of the contest will be announced on Sunday evening, August 26th, and will:
1) Receive a silly gift via USPS along with a  Silly Saturday Certificate of Recognition!

2) Be added to the Silly Saturday Hall Of Fame located on my sidebar!
Good luck, everyone, and have fun!


  1. My caption is , But mum I had a bath this year already! Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hey lady.. if you think i look dirty you need new glasses.. I am purrfectly clean!

  3. I don't wanna enter since I just won, but mine would be: You mean you're gonna use REAL water?

  4. "Does just sitting in the tub count as having a bath?"


  5. "I not stinky, momma."
    Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  6. Mom, I am sure I heard them say that there is a water ban on because of the drought - it's not our day to use the water.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Thanks so much for all of your silly captions! You all seem to have figured out what Henry was thinking about in the shower! Now, how am I going to decide on just ONE winner?

  8. "I don't need no tub to get clean. I can do it myself!"

  9. Let's be rational now momma, put the shower head down and nobody gets hurt.

  10. Fern Reed from "Animal Lover, Quilt Lover" faithfully e-mails her captions to me each week and this time she submitted two:
    Henry is saying " are you going to give me a bath now??"
    Henry could be saying " You give Daisy a bath, why not me??" Looks like fun to me!!""
    This is fun April!! Thanks for having this every Saturday!

  11. Me? Take a bath? No,mama, just wanna cool down!

  12. I'll make you a deal...I'll take a bath if you don't use water!

  13. I forgot to tell you...I follow you by email.


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