Friday, March 9, 2012

Dogs Make Strange Bedfellows

On the rare days when I make the bed, Daisy surveys the scene, tosses the pillows to and fro, turns in circles repeatedly, and then positions herself for a good long nap but before she nods off to sleep she realizes her mom has been watching her the entire time. 

From the look on Daisy's face I'm wondering if she feels guilty for undoing a perfectly good bed or not. What do you think is on her mind when she rearranges the bedding? Do your dogs think making the bed is completely unnecessary as my Daisy does?


  1. Yes!
    After I have spent ages arranging their beds for maximum smoothness and comfort, along they come and scratch it all up so there are lumps everywhere and settle down to sleep - are they crazy or are we?
    Lynne x

  2. Lovely Daisy is thinking: "now this is how beds should be made!"


    Awwwww she looks so comfy! Yay!
    Take care

  3. I'm sure dogs think making a bed is yet another way that humans waste time.

  4. I think she's thinking that the bed is more comfy her way.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Woof!
    It's Daisy here and I've gotta admit that humans do waste their time making their beds beclaws the pillows and sheets are going to get moved around when they sleep, right?

  6. We don't have a guilty bone in our body
    Benny & Lily

  7. It's so terrific meeting another beautiful Coonhound! Baroooo Daisy! I help mom w/ the bedmaking too. And the couch cushions! We coonhounds are decorators at heart.

  8. Marc thinks making the bed is a waste of time, so I am sure the cat would agree... after all they share one brain... me, however, can't start my day unless my bed is made

  9. I agree with Daisy, I think it is a waste of time too!!!! I hardly ever do it!!! The day clear sheets are put on the bed is the day the bed gets made around here never more then that!!!
    Why do it when you are just going to mess it all up again at night!!
    This is Fern talking~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. We need to be comfy! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts while I was ill this past weekend! I appreciated it!

  11. Our Jay likes to nest up like that too.


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