Monday, February 27, 2012

Ode To Buddy Smith - May He Rest In Peace

I just learned that our former Bedford client, Buddy, gave up his fight against bone cancer at the age of thirteen surrounded by his owners, Pam and Dave, Dr. Erika De Beckers of Ark Animal Homecare, and loved ones. 

I as I sit here today with tears in my eyes I am deeply saddened that I did not get the chance to say goodbye to Buddy one more time but knowing he was comforted by those who knew him best eases my heart and my mind.

From 2007-2010 we had the privilege of walking Buddy once and sometimes twice a day and none of those walks were without incident. For example, he lost all concentration at the sight of his orange tennis ball and he steadfastly carried to the field across from his home for a game of catch. The only issue with the game was that he thought he was supposed to catch the ball and not return it so we tried to outdo him by having another ball to toss which he promptly returned when he felt like it. 

Needless to say, our quoted 30-40 minute walks turned into a full-blown workout that often turned into 50-60 minute walks. We didn't care about quoted walk times with Buddy. Buddy was special and he knew had our hearts from the moment we met him and I'd like to think he knew how much we loved him.

Another thing that we loved about Buddy was his fascination and adoration of the elderly. Lucky for him, he lived within walking distance from a retirement home where he wowed onlookers as he sniffed the plants just outside their windows. I loved watching the frail hands and thin lipped smiles of the residents when Buddy appeared at the window. He would look right at them while I tried to raise his paw in an attempt to get him to wave back. He didn't understand waving but he did understand sitting and that is what he did best for his admirers.

Oh, dear Buddy, you were the heart and soul of your family, your loved ones, and to your pet sitters! You will be sorely missed, my friend. There will never be another Buddy, for sure! Rest in peace!


  1. Rest in peace, good dog. :( I sorry for ur loss.

  2. Oh sweet Buddy! I am so sorry to read about his passing. He sounds a most special wonderful unique woofie - so handsome and full of personality! My deepest condolences to all who loved and cared for him. Take care

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Buddy. Run young and free again at the Bridge.

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  5. Rest in peace Buddy, run free at the Rainbow Bridge.

  6. We're so sorry to hear that Buddy has run off to the Bridge. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers of comfort to his family, and all who loved him so very much.


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