Sunday, May 29, 2011

And The Winner Of The Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest Is.....


After posting this precious gerbil FUR all to see I couldn't help but wonder---should I adopt a gerbil this weekend? And then I wondered --- would my gerbil appreciate wearing an assortment of hats FUR my pure enjoyment? 

Ah, but I digress, as usual (it's an ADHD thing) and I need to get to the purr-pose at paw here, right? You don't really care that I've been fantasizing about gerbil ownership at all beclaws all you want to know is ---

"Whose CAP-tion was voted the silliest FUR this weekend's SILLY SATURDAY PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST, anyway?"

I'm so glad you asked because the winning caption was by Carrie and her pooches, Tanner and Oliver, who wrote ---

"My name is Mary Gold." 

What a sweet name FUR a gerbil, right? 

So congratulations are at paw FUR job well done FUR all who pawticipated and FUR the winner of the "Gerbils In Hats" calender winner! Bravo!


  1. Oh that is a perfectly perfect comment fur the picture!

  2. April maybe one day I will enter your little contest. If I had made it on time I would have said "I"ll take it!!
    The one who won was right it was a Marigold!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  3. Congratulations lady, that was a good one
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yay to Carrie, Tanner and Olivia!!! Awww Mary Gold is adorable!!!!

    Take care

  5. We LOVE our gerbils Bert and Ernie. They are social animals and do best in (same sex) pairs. Since they are desert animals, they do not drink or go potty much, so we only have to clean their cage every 2 weeks. They live in a 20 gallon aqauarium with lots of CareFresh bedding so they can dig and burrow.

  6. Great caption and congrats to the worthy winner.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. That is indeed a very sweet name for cute little gerbil.

  8. that was a great caption! well done!


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