Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome To Our Thankful Fur 3 Friends Blog Hop!

What is Thankful Fur 3 Friends Thursday? Well, Daisy, Buster, and Henry are glad you asked because they have all the answers!

  • For starters, Daisy, Buster, and Henry want to meet new friends and they heard that blog hops are the way to do it!
  • If you are a brand new follower be sure Daisy, Buster, and Henry can see your face at the top of the page (via Google Friend Connect) because if you do that then your face will be seen right here next Thursday!   
  •  Remember, if you are one of the first 3 friends who publicly follow our blog TODAY you will be seen right here next Thursday!
  • Be sure to leave a comment requesting to be featured next week ALONG WITH permission to snatch a photo from your blog OR you can email one to us. 
  •  Last but not least, YOU MUST follow our blog and we will follow you back! We promise!

This blog hop is not only for new friends but current friends as well so don't be shy! Introduce yourself, make new friends, and have fun! 

Don't can grab the linky code below to go right under your blog post!

So without further adieu, we want to introduce you to:

1. Meet 9 year old Mojo who loves to stand on tables, eat just about anything, and hang out with his 8 year old sister Voodoo. Voodoo loves to relax on the couch, eat chicken, and lie on the floor. Their mom, Jen, spends time blogging about her dogs, her husband, giveaways, home improvement, and so much more!

2. Oscar is a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer who loves belly rubs, car rides, and blogging about his fabulous life. When Oscar isn't learning new tricks, getting haircuts, and sleeping, he is busy eating his mom's dog treats!

3. Elizabeth has her hands full with her two Corgi's, Dewi (the tan and white Corgi) and Jon Farleigh, and  four female cats named Lulabelle, Eva, Tigger, and Charlie and I am sure she is well loved by all of them! Join Elizabeth's pack at Chronicles of Cardigan to learn more about her furkids today! 


  1. happy thursday!!!! I am so excited you featured Jen's dogs... they are cuties!

  2. Nice to meet everyone.

    Cool names - Mojo and VooDoo.

    Oskar you have a nice smile.

    I luv Corgi's you guys are so cute!

  3. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!
    I'll be sure to drop by the featured blogs :)


  4. Aw, shucks. We are blushing (really). Thanks so much for the nice write-up; we're lucky to know such nice blog people and their critters. :)

    Elizabeth, Jon Farleigh, Dewi, Charlie, Tigger, Eva and Lulabelle

  5. You can certainly COUNT ME IN for your next blog hop post!!! And you have my permission to snatch whichever picture you want from my blog. And I'm your new follower!

  6. Ahhhh what a nice post
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh my stars, such beautiful and lovely doggies and four gorgeous kitties!! Awwwwwww! Me and Charlie are very happy to meet them - they are all adorable!! Take care

  8. Great post, some friends & know & some I will go and check out!

    Happy St. Pats,

  9. we're off to meet the new bloggies.

  10. What great new friends! Oscar is adorable, and the Corgi's are very cute! MoJo and Voodoo are very cool looking pups, and have such expressive eyes and faces!

    Thanks for introducing such pawsome new pups!


  11. Aww. Mojo is adorable and what a cool name! Happy Blog Hopping to You.

  12. It's so nice to meet each one of you.

  13. i'm late, i'm sorry!
    I haven't really been on my computer all day.
    oh, and mojo says she's a girl and voodoo is a boy!

  14. Blog Hopping sounds like great fun. I'll put my Blog in the pot, although it's not important we should be featured anywhere. Definitely NOT!

    I think we all are featured sites and personalities by just being able to read all the fantastic blogs on Blogspot. Every time I go to do my duty making comments on this site or that site, teasing, and generally having a great time seeing and reading about the wondrous loving and caring pets and their very nice servants, their Humons, I find another one or three new places to investigate.

    My list is growing, although, at this day, and at my age, I'm lucky to keep up with my posts on my 2 Blogs (caution, I may be leading up to Spamming my links). I won't do that. (It's all behind the avatar anyway.)

    It is, as Amber said, SO NICE to meet each and every one of you here, and wherever I may read and comment. I may not hear from all of you, but I do know where you live. :) Is a threat? Nah, not from me ..... NEVAH!

    Just sayin .....

    We are Lisa and Roy York, and the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor -- Buddy Bear, MikiCato, Miss Princess, Smokey, Tegar, and BIG little Rowdy.

    And YES we do like barkies, but not when they start gossiping over the back fence at 3 in the AM. NOT!

    Ya'll come if/when you can.

  15. Hi! I was sure that we were followers but apparently I messed up! However, now we are and we love the post today and the cuties!

  16. Thanks for featuring us! That's very nice of you. It's so much fun finding new pet blogs! :)


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