Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Silly Saturday Photo Caption Time!

PHOTO #1 -Daisy & Henry viewing a bowl of milk. 
 PHOTO #2 -Jesse, goes along with her pet sitter for a morning drive.

Do you know what is so special about January 30th? It is my 300th Blog Post Celebration, that's what! And who should I thank for encouraging me to write on a regular basis? You, of course! And to thank you for your loyalty I am hosting a Silly Saturday Caption Contest from now until midnight! The winner will be posted on a momentous occasion; my 300th post! So put on your thinking caps and start captioning these silly pictures already! 

The lucky winner will -

  • receive a silly gift from me in the mail

  • be added to my SILLY SATURDAY HALL OF FAME on my sidebar and you'll be envied by all of the residents of Blogville.

And the details of the contest are -

  •  To play along you must follow my blog. When captioning, please tell me if you are following me via GFC, e-mail, or RSS. I will follow you back too!
  •  Caption one or both silly photos.
  •  Enter as many times as you wish.
  •  Come back to check out your silly competition throughout the day.
  •  Contest ends at midnight (EST) tonight - Saturday, 1/29!
  • The silly winner will be announced tomorrow at noon (or sooner if Daisy wakes me up on time)!



Go ahead, make me laugh out loud, I dare you! 


  1. Cool pic but I am drawing a blank here....sorry....

  2. I say "Had milk, where's tee shirt?"

  3. Step away from the bowl Henry, or I will unleash a BIG bark!

  4. Hey! What a nice surprise to see you visit our little page, and to follow no less! We decided to come by and we're so glad we did :D Sam keeps pawing me and saying, "click on this, click on this!" He has the patience of a fly ;) I told him to wait a second so I could click on follow and he said he agreed. We love it here :)
    Now, as for the photo, Sam and I looked at it and then at each other and said without hesitation: "The nose knows"
    Oh, and our mom said to tell you that she used to pet-sit, too! She says it was her finest hours. Cya soon :D

  5. Dog to cat: "You smell like Beggin'Strips"

    Cat to dog: "It was a trap, wasn't it. YOU put that bowl there!"

    Dog thinking: "He'll never see me. I've flattened my head perfectly"

  6. Haha, I'm drawing a blank too. My creative juices just aren't flowing this afternoon.

    Elyse (and Riley)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on your 299th Post

    Here is my caption: The NOSE KNOWS!!!!

  8. These are such good captions....thanks for all of these silly thoughts! Keep 'em coming!

  9. "Never trust a dog to guard your food"

  10. Photo Number 1) "Hey Waiter! There's a fly in my milk!!"

    Photo Number 2) "I told ya to turn right at the Petsmart on the CORNER! You're takin' us waaaaay outta the way!!! Darned Human Drivers!"

  11. Me and Charlie (well mainly me!) are completely useless at writing captions but are wonderful at voting!! LOL!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS with your 300th post!!!!! Good luck everyone entering your fab contest!! Take care

  12. 1. What's that? I asked for Tuna Crispies in my milk.
    2. Make mine a double-shot vanilla latte; I'm still wakin' up.

    Following on google. P.S. I'd love to visit more often but still have trouble getting your page to load & it takes several tries to post comments.

  13. Hello!Congratulations for your 300th postPhoto.
    Well....captions for these pictures....
    Number 1. The Cat: That dog thinks steal my good milk? haha he doesn't know what's coming!
    Photo Number 2: Baahhh! it's boring to go into the car, I want to make a good run in the meadows!!

    Happy weekend,

  14. Great shots. For number 2 we say, "I told you we should have stopped for directions!!"

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. In photo number 1 the kitty is saying, "I will slap that nose right off your stupid face if you even think about touching my milk."


  16. Congratulations on 300! Wyatt got our caption. It's a bummer being on different time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  17. 1) Cat: "What's mine is mine, and what's Yours is mine, soooo....this milk is mine."

    2)"Would you like a serenade? i'm good at serenades, let me serenade you for this car riiiiiideeeee"


  18. Photo 1 = Just touch it, make my day!!

    Photo 2 = Who's big idea was it to take a morning drive. Don't you know I need my sleep?

    Thanks for the sympathy on my writers block. It's annoying to have one's head go blank as soon as I sit at the computer.

  19. #1: Okay, which one of you said, "your butt looks big?" Was it Snap, Crackle or Pop?

    #2: Hey, that light was red! Slow down woman!

  20. YOWIE.......YIKES.....HELP....

    Is you sures you knows where da BRAKE pedal is. I knows you know where da gas pedal is!!!!!

  21. Hey, if you want to play Pay It Forward, I need your snail mail addy. :)


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