Monday, January 31, 2011

Dog Parks Are For Barking Or Are They?

Daisy's normal routine on Saturday mornings starts out with a brief walk in our neighborhood and then she takes on the role of co-pilot and she does a good job at it because she knows every twist and turn that leads us to her favorite playground, 

 Hooksett Dog Park, where she can be a dog! Yes, folks, dogs love to

                                             sniff out new friends

                             and they do love to run, wrestle,

                                         play and wag their tails

but heaven help Daisy if she even thinks about voicing her opinion about this glorious playground! 

Apparently some dog owners disapprove of barking dogs when visiting this park and those owners will do what they can to make a barker and his/her owner feel so uncomfortable that their only recourse is to cut the park visit short.

Yes, Saturday's trip to the park was cut short because I got tired of repeatedly explaining why Daisy was barking but one woman, apparently, did not hear my replies until she reached down to pet Daisy while "shushing" her at the same time. By that point, I'd had enough and I'm sure Daisy felt the same way so I walked over to the woman and said, "Daisy is going to bark at a dog park because she is a DOG!"

I agree that Daisy's loud, deep bark is hard to get used to but I know that Daisy  uses her voice to express her excitement when playing with others and she is not barking to bother her four-legged friends but apparently some two-legged observers just don't understand that dogs do love to bark, especially at a dog park!

If you take your dog(s) to the park, has she/he been scrutinized because of barking? Do you think barking should be banned at dog parks? What behaviors do you dislike at dog parks? Let's start barking (I mean,sharing) opinions! I'd love to read them!


  1. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! It's a DOG park, not the library! I have never had this problem.

  2. Well, if you can't bark at the park, where can you bark??


  3. That is stupid. Our dog park doesn't have that rule. In fact I've seen many people laugh at the barking dog as they were having such a good time.

  4. Well, we have to wonder if even if the rule was posted, could the dogs read it? Sheesh. Next thing we'll hear is that walking on the grass in the park is prohibited as well. Nutso park authorities. They probably only own fish.

  5. We don'ts visit a dog park cause we has a big enough pack of our owns to play wit. BUTT... how is dogs supposed to talk to each odder at da dog park? Maybe dey needs to learn hows to speak ENGLISH!!!

  6. Post # 301 heheehe

    Furst... I want to thank you fur my therapy session this morning... I am feeling MUCH better now. You are a BRILLIANT counselor.

    Now... about this No Barking Dawg Park.. I say.. when they BAN Fans from screaming and yelling at sporting events... THEN and ONLY then should We be Hushed in OUR OWN AREA!!!

  7. Post #301
    Furst.. thank you fur the BRILLIANT counseling advice this morning.

    Now... I say that when Fans are Banned from screaming and yelling at SPORTING EVENTS... then AND ONLY THEN.. WE should not Bark in our AREA...
    that is the ONLY FAIR way!!!

  8. Lincoln always barks at the dog park or anytime he's playing. He's the most passive, sweetest dog but anytime a game of chase occurs, he runs around barking excitedly. No one has said anything to me yet...good luck!

    Minnie and Lincoln's mama

  9. Nows what moron came ups withs dat idiotic rule?????? Dogs bark fur a gazillion reasons and it shouldn't even matters WHY we is barking cuz we is dogs and dat is what we do and what we will do fur da million years...unless someone implants a device wheres I can talk and OMD how friggin cool would dat be? Sorry, off subject., barking of which...mum is gonna be sending you our answers tonight, hers looking fur barking pics.


  10. Mom doesn't allow me to go to dog parks. But if I were allowed to go to them, why wouldn't I be allowed to bark! It's a dog park, not a library!!!

  11. Daisy is so glad all of her furry blogger pals understand what dog parks are for and she wishes all of YOU were at the park with her on Saturday! I think there should be a detailed sign in front of the park that explains why dogs bark, don't you?

  12. Seriously? I was about to say I hadn't realized there was a dog park in Hooksett, but maybe now I know why......

  13. My friend's dog is a big barker at the dog park. The dog's name is Bob so all the patrons of the dog park call him "Bob Barker." Even though some people may complain about him barking so much, they also realize that it's a dog park and dogs bark...! I don't know why this lady at your dog park doesn't understand that...!

    Elyse and Riley

  14. No barking at an outdoor park? Why don't they just make it a cat park? Never relinquish your freedom to bark

  15. Ridiculous. Hope they post a sign-- Humans..NO Talking!
    Benny & Lily

  16. We don't have dog parks over here, but I can't understand why anyone would WANT to ban dogs from barking in an outdoor area - or how they think they COULD.

    Silly people.

  17. Ok. A dog park but no barking allowed?? Methinks the park authorities need to go back to the drawing board and start again.

    In the meantime, lovely Daisy, bark away!!! Woof-woof and bark-bark!!!! Enjoy exercising your vocal chords! Woof!!! Take care

  18. That is just silly, the only things that should be restricted is if the owners don't pick up their dogs poo or if the dog is aggressive and they don't take precautions like a muzzle and or leash.

  19. You have got to be KIDDING! That's insanity...sing out loud, sweet Daisy!

  20. Well I have two sides here, first barking is soo annoying believe me I try to convince my Yorkie to stop barking at the tree blowing outside the wind right now. However I can see perhaps banning excessive barking. There is a point at which no one can handle it anyone. But trying to stop the dog from barking is pretty much next to impossible. It is kind of a really dumb rule to have and almost impossible to enforce. Good Luck with Daisy and her voice!

  21. That is NUTS! Of course Daisy should be allowed to bark as much as she wants.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  22. What the heck? That makes no sense. Do the humans also keep their traps shut? The dogs are just talking to each other.


  23. I should have written that "some people are not in favor of dogs who bark" instead of writing that "the dog park does not allow barking" and I am sorry for the mix-up and I will change the wording asap. I know some dog parks do have rules posted outside of the park that prohibits excessive barking but the Hooksett Dog Park does not have any barking restrictions posted anywhere within the park.
    However, I think dog owners should understand that "dogs will be dogs" and barking is one of the traits that dogs are going to do especially if they are over stimulated by dog scents, dogs in play, etc, while at the park. Let's face it, it must be terribly exciting for a dog to see so many companions to play with in one setting!
    I just feel that the dog owners who "don't get it" in regards to normal dog behavior should stay home instead of acting like a patrol guard at the park. Don't you agree or not?

    1. I don't know how to thank you. I took my Roxie to the park yesterday and all she did was run around and bark. She had a blast! She very rarely ever barks at home, so I like to let her get it out at the park. However, one or two others at the park looked at me like I did something wrong, so thanks for the wonderful advice. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me being okay with all her barking.

      So, I totally agree!

  24. What's a "bark"?
    Daisy sure looks cold!
    Thanks for joining my blog!

  25. Yes, Cat Mandu, Daisy does look cold but she still barks even in frigid temperatures and especially if she is amongst her 4-legged friends!

  26. As far as the barking goes, as long as it's not neurotic, OCD barking I've never seen a problem with it. If a dog is just going nuts and looks like he's about to have a fit of apoplexy along with the barking, then that's another issue. For the most part, we have had very good experience with the other dogs and people at our favorite dog park.

    However, since you asked, some of the things that drive me nuts are people obsessing over my dogs and following them around wanting to pet them when they are obviously there to have dog time, people constantly trying to get my dogs to run, unattended children, people bringing in aggressive (and often unaltered -- it often seems to go together)and out of control dogs in, and people who decide that their little dog should just come over to the big dog side without asking anyone if they have a problem with it.

  27. I too had a horrible trip to the dog park last weekend. In addition to being yelled at by a man because my dog was chasing his, his wife thought she would make me feel even worse by by pointing out that there were small children around. I love kids and I teacher 19 wonderful kids everyday, but I wanted to turn to the lady and say, "Look lady, I didn't bring my dog to a kid park, I brought them to a dog park" My opinion is if people cannot take normal dog behavior at a park that is built for dogs maybe they shouldn't go to them.

  28. We don't have dog parks and even if we did, none of my play well will others and it would be best not to take them.

    But, my opinion is that dogs are going to bark. Get a grip lady or don't come.

  29. I agree with Houndstooth in that there are dogs who continuously bark and those dogs would, of course, get on anyone's nerves; but in Daisy's case, she was only barking when she was chasing/playing with other dogs and the barking wasn't constant.
    Since Houndstooth confessed some things that annoyed her at the dog parks I will tell you that the biggest irritant for me is when owners are clearly using the dog park as a substitute for walking their dogs regularly. I also find it irritating when dog owners think of the park as the only way to help their dogs become socialized. Sure, the park is a good place to do so but the dogs need a variety of places to socialize (walking in the neighborhood, etc).

  30. people kill me not letting dogs be dogs. my boys bark in our yard but I only let them do so during the day and not excessivly. I have a ass**** neighbor who moved in next door and wont let his dogs bark. we've had drag out arguements and so now I go sit outside with mine when they go out. and mine arent bad theyre just being dogs.

  31. I agree this is not that big of a deal- however depending on the park and rules it can lead to issues- for example the park i am a board member for- is in close proximity to a condominium complex- therefore there is no "excessive" barking allowed- if your park is nowhere near homes i say let Daisy bark all she wants :) shes a dog for goodness sake some people can be so uptight

  32. I know it is a normal thing for dogs to bark. I like it when my dog barks at a stranger delivering a package at home, I like it when my dog alerts me to something happening outside. What I don't want is my dog to bark all the time. It is obnoxious and if you own a dog, there is a responsibility to pick up its poop, make sure that it is not annoying others (within reason),make sure the dog is not being aggressive towards anyone (dogs and owners) and make sure that it is not barking all of the time. If this is not the case, then drop it cause it is not pertinent to the topic. What I have a problem with is one particular dog at the park we go to that is constantly barking. He is a full size lab and the barking literally rattles my eardrums and makes me unhappy. I have expressed my feelings to the owner who will not curb the barking. So my solution: I leave. Done.

    What people are failing to understand is that it is OK for dogs to bark BUT when it becomes disruptive, then there is a problem. I work a night shift and have to sleep during the day. I'm sorry, "the zoo", but if your dogs are barking a lot, you are responsible for your pets behavior. We all have to live together so if you think that your dogs barking is OK, go move to the country where there is space and your dogs can bark all they want. If your dog is barking at a park and someone is upset, be respectful and take your dog somewhere else. Your dog does not need to bark to be happy.


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