Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin And Brady Show Off Their New Jackets!

I look forward to reading notes from our pet owners especially when they leave notes like the one I read this one yesterday morning:

"Good morning! I hope you like the chihuahua's new outfits!"

 After reading the note I noticed a little pale silver faux fur jacket meant for my equally tiny client, Pumpkin, and then I immediately got her ready for her photo shoot. From afar, she looks absolutely stunning but she looks even better

 close up. Don't you agree?

I just love how the buckled belt accentuates her teeny tiny waist  and how the faux fur makes her look even more glamorous than she already is!

After Pumpkin's photo shoot I focused my attention on Brady, Pumpkin's brother  baby-daddy, who looked extra tough in his black Harley Davidson sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt suits (pun intended) Brady's personality perfectly because he always acts like he's tougher than he really is when we walk through his neighborhood. 

These jackets were the perfect fit for Pumpkin and Brady and I am sure they will enjoy wearing them furever!


  1. Oh my gosh, Pumpkin and Brady are adorable! I give them a two paws up!

  2. OMG! Feels like am sitting at front row of Sydney/Milan/Paris/NY Fashion Week! Adorable....woof! woof!

  3. They have to be the cutest family I think I have every met. Love the clothes!

  4. oh you two look so pawsome!!!!!

  5. I get the feeling somebody aught to be neutered - or am I missing something? Either way, they both look really cute!


  6. wow,look at those muscles!
    Benny & Lily

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  8. Wow.
    Hubba-hubba!! Wooh-hooo!!! Me and Charlie may need a cold shower after drooling over super doggy models Brady and Pumpkin - they're like the Brajelina Jolie/Pitt(bull??) of the doggy world!!
    My goodness!! What stars!!!!

    Take care

  9. Oh dear, Pumpkin and Brady are cute and their outfits are superb!!!

  10. Pumpkin is so darn cute, OMG that jacket has to be oh so tiny. Its probably the size of one of Freds ears lol. Very cute and what good models they are!

  11. I loved the comments here and I agree that it was like visiting a fashion show in Paris when I went to Pumpkin and Brady's house a few days ago! I think they enjoyed my squeals of joy as I photographed and complimented them!

  12. They are the height of fashion! What adorable dogs!

  13. guys are quite the fashionistas and i thought it's just my sister dCoÇ!!!

    just soooooooo cuuuute...


  14. Wow, what tiny little dogs! And so cute. I never get to wear handsome clothing, but it's a little more difficult to dress a 100 pounder, I guess. The best I get is double-fleece booties for my giant paws when the temperature hits about 30 below and colder.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for introducing us to yours!

    Gus, the Alaskan Bloodhound


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