Friday, August 20, 2010

What Are The Advantages To Hiring a Pet Sitter?

Our 2006 pet sitting brochure featured our furry clients, Lucy, Buster, and Betty. Sadly, these pups moved away in 2007 and we miss them terribly! 
Caring pet owners know that most pets adjust better to their owner’s absence and experience less anxiety and stress when they can remain in their home environments. Pet sitters make this possible with visits to your home when you cannot be there.

What services will my pet sitter provide for my animals?

Our client, Garbo, munching on her favorite wet food, Fancy Feast!

In addition to meals,

Amos, my pet sitting partner, walking our Miss Daisy with our clients, Molly (to your left) and Cooper

       exercise is available for one visit per day or for multiple vacation visits with dog and cat clients

Amos rubbing Norton's belly while Norton's brother, Gus, looks for squirrels!

and playtime 

and cleaning litter boxes,  

 Amos is experienced in administering insulin injections for Chloe and other pets who are in need.

and professional pet sitters may also administer medications,

Our old kitty client, Fred, needed transport to the vet for hydration treatments.

and perform other pet-care duties such as transport to and from the groomer, the vet, or to doggie daycare.

Our King Charles Spaniel client, Gracie, gets one-on-one attention from her pet sitter.

That’s why in-home pet care is the choice of pet owners and the “pet-preferred” method of vacation and travel care.

What home care tasks will my pet sitter perform at no extra cost?

Pet sitters may also provide vital home-care services while you are away, including mail or newspaper pick up,

These plants are very imPAWtent to our pug client, Fenway!

                 plant care and watering,

Our Corgi-mix client, Dewey, loves helping us put the trash on the curb!

          placing trash outside for pickup

or rotating the lights and opening or closing the blinds to make your house look lived in. A professional pet sitter provides peace of mind for everyone.

What are the advantages for my pets?

Playful little Cali is very relaxed in her own home while her owners are away!

Reduced Stress: Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment where all the sights, smells and sounds say “Home!”

Nugget, a cat who thinks he belongs to one of our clients, gets fed outside by "his" pet sitters at each visit.
Diet and Exercise: Customary diet and exercise routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your pet.

Health Concerns: With a pet sitter, there is minimal exposure to illness from other animals which was important for our former King Charles Spaniel client, Nellie, while she battled syringomyelia and other ailments caused from the disease.

Amos poses with former clients Amadeus and Morgan during a home visit.

T L C: Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away!
So tell me, friends, have you enjoyed the services of your pet sitter? If so, please share your stories! I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. It's true - in-home pet sitting works really well for some pets. I just finished a week long pet sitting job - 1 dog, 4 cats. I'm currently working out of another house where there are 3 cats and a turtle!

    I don't think I could EVER board my dog!

  2. That is a great brochure!

    Teddy Bear

  3. I totally agree! One of my friends always gets a pet sitter for her dog and I have been doing in home pet sitting many times in the past years. It's wonderful for the animal and the pawrent too! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  4. I enjoyed reading your post today.
    It must be a very rewarding profession for you:)

  5. We don't have Pet Sitters here. But sure you are the best!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. We enjoyed your post; there is no reason for a pet to leave their home just because their human goes on holiday...You provide an excellent service and your clients are very lucky to have you guys...Happy weekend friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. That's a great service! Like they do it all.
    Unfortunately my girl is really afraid and we never go out with her anymore.

    Let's exchange links?

  8. My mom has been an in-home pet sitter for 8 years! But she stays at their house too, which I don't like very much, because it means she's leaving me with dad! But she loves it and finds it very rewarding. She also has lots of kitty clients and since dad is allergic to kittys, it helps her get her kitty fix! She also has Miss Anne come and stay with me if her and dad leave! It's great! Glad to hear that you do it too!

  9. Awww these are all great reasons to have pet sitter! I'm very much the "I can't go on holiday EVER because of The Cat" type! LOL!! But if I had to I would always opt for a pet sitter and hopefully find one as professional and as lovely as yourselves here in my neck of the woods!

    Take care

  10. I think the best part is getting to spend time with all those wonderful animals, especially Amadeus and Morgan!
    Alanis & Miro

  11. My little dog Emma used to get very stressed out by boarding at the kennel, so she and I and her brother Dewey (the garbage collector) were very happy to find April and Amos! The cats aren't as happy because they don't have the house to themselves any more when I go away, but at least they get fed regularly.
    In fact, Dewey and Emma tell me that April and Amos take them for better walks, and give them more lovies, than I do!
    No more kennel boarding for this crew.

  12. Please visit my blog. There is an award we want to share...and LOTS of bloggers who want to get to know you better (including us)!

  13. My neighbor and I used to have an arrangement where I watched her pets and she watched mine. Since moving here we haven't found anyone to take on the large number of pets that we have. During a recent emergency situation, the techs from our vet's office came by and took care of the dogs. It worked well because the dogs already knew them.

    We're hoping to find someone who can stay at our house when we're not here and be with the dogs overnight.

  14. Great post - I agree with trying to keep everything as "normal" as possible while we're away. My girls would never do well in a kennel, so I hire a friend to sit for them. Also, I'm excited to start petsitting for a lady with a diabetic kitty soon. I haven't petsat since I moved to Texas a year ago, so it'll be fun to get back into it!

  15. Great list! Will definitely come in handy if the need arises.
    How have u been? it has been quite some time since we came bloghopping. but we are trying to catch up.
    Have a grrrt week ahead,


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