Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breakfast at Henry's

Can you believe I was interrupted from getting dressed this morning all because of

 Henry? Can't blame the guy for meowing, after all, it was time for breakfast!  

But then there was Daisy to consider. She had to eat right away or else she'd continue giving me that look so I did what any mother would do.....

I scooped Daisy's first breakfast ingredient in her plate and set it on the table

 and while Daisy waited for her mom to finish preparing her breakfast, Henry scooted right to the table and started nibbling and noshing


and then he asked for seconds!


  1. Ah, ya, we would have had that Henry for breakfast..

  2. awwww how can you resist those faces???? sooo cute!


  3. love those photos with your post! Those kitties always want to be fed first!
    Found you on the Saturday Blog Hop!

    Cat Chat

  4. "THEY" say that breakfast is the most impawtant meal of the day. heheheh

  5. so funny! Henry is looking at you like my Olive looks at me. She does look kinda like a cat at times with those ears!

  6. Following on the Sat Blog Hop!
    Daisy - Kayla is going to teach you how to handle kitties that eat your food! Hope you got some breakfast after all!
    The Road Dogs

  7. Everybody wants to be first, seems like!


    P.S. Your site is loading REALLY slowly for us lately!

  8. Hello,
    My good friend, Puddles, just informed me that truth that I sooo did not want to hear! My computer is loading up very slowly; kinda like a case of the Slowsky's but don't worry because my computer has a doctor's appointment on Sunday or Monday and then my computer will be faster than ever.

  9. Hi! I'm working on my blog roll page, so I grabbed your button and you will be added shortly. I'm stopping by to say "hi" via the blog hop.

    Doreen from Doggies and Stuff

  10. I had trouble getting here today, too, so the problem must be with the site. Had to restart Explorer a few times and then it took forever to load. Blogger is being mean!

  11. hi new furend~! thank you for following me (i am doing the same now) and of course you can come to my pawty--the more the merrier~!! :D


  12. I sure know that "look" they give you about food!! It makes me stop immediately and give them food!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  13. Daisy's food must be yummy!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. What Yummy food they feed you Daisy Girl! We miss you! Are you going to come swimming with us on Tuesday Morning? If we can get up early, maybe we can all go to the ocean for a dip and a roll in the sand!

  15. ummm, henry. that's just not cool, dude!!
    the booker man

    pee s -- i saw miss bunny's comment, so i thought i would woof the same -- your bloggie loads pretty slowly at my house, too. at first i thought maybe it was just my compy, but it looks like i'm not the only doggie?


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