Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daisy Deserves A Treat

I did not appreciate waking up to the sound of chewing on Friday morning especially when I like to sleep past 9 a.m. I realize that I should have gotten out of bed earlier, but a girl's gotta get her beauty sleep, right?

According to Daisy, I had been lazy for far too long and she was determined to get my attention by all means possible and if she had to keep on chewing that tasty pillow, she was willing to do it.

You are such a naughty girl, Daisy! Now I suppose you want me reward you for waking mommy?

Don't give me that look, Miss Daisy! No treats for you because now mommy has to vaccuum!

Now look what you've done, Daisy! Now you've got me vacuuming the entire bedroom floor including the bed covers!

After all of that hard work I was wide awake and ready to put the laundry away. Perhaps Daisy deserves a reward for motivating me to get so much done in the morning.

Good job Daisy but next time please leave the pillow alone!


  1. Ruh-Roh! You didn't mean it right Daisy? It sure looked like a stuffie, just for you :)

  2. Dear Farley,
    You are my new best friend for coming to my defense about the pillow aka stuffie! What a brilliant excuse for chewing! I'm going to ask my mom for a stuffie and if I don't get what I want I'll go back to chewing the "pillow"!
    Your pal,

  3. Good job, Daisy!
    I mean... waking her up early so she could accomplish lots of duties!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I totally understand why you would eat the pillow Daisy!! In the past, when I got bored or wanted a little attention, I have eaten a pillow, a couch, the laundry and anything I could find! It keeps mom on her toes so I think I'm doing her a favor!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly


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