Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited To New Hampshire!

Hello Everyone!
Please allow me to be your tour guide through the Granite State, NEW HAMPSHIRE! Enjoy your stay!


  1. Wowser Bowser that was one grrrreat tour. I saw one of those covered bridge thingys. My mom would go cracker dawg over that. She has 5 pictures of them. One was painted very much special just for her. The artist was a furend of hers. And I saw Maple syrup too. I even saw some cow juice stuff. I love all those dairy products.
    You surely do have a lot of trees. It would take me forever to read all that peemail.
    So was this singing guy kind of a redneck or something?
    He sang some funky words. hehehe
    I loved it all!!!!

  2. WOW what a snazzi tour, New Hampshire looks pretty cool, lots of trees. Mom would like to go there sometime, and she knows someone that lives in Franklin NH!!


  3. bwuahaha!!
    oh, and i looove stoneyfield yogurts, by the way. :)
    the booker man

  4. It was just classic keep it up the good work going...:)

  5. Mom and dad have driven through NH a couple of times. It's a gorgeous state!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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