Monday, June 7, 2010


As a change of pace, I thought I would introduce you to Kathy Brodsky, a talented and vivacious children's book author who resides in Manchester, New Hampshire, who is so enthusiastic about her books that she decided to host a GIVEAWAY on my blog! In addition to giving away any ONE of the following books below, she has also agreed to add her PERSONALIZED AUTOGRAPH as well!

The rules of the contest are simple: (1) Browse through the Kathy Brodsky books below OR at and decide which one is your favorite (2) Tell me which book you'd like to win AND why (3) If you aren't a FOLLOWER, please do so and I will follow your blog as well...I promise! (4) CONTEST ENDS ON SATURDAY, JUNE 12th at 5:00 pm, EST! (5) Sorry, only U.S. contestants, please!

Just Sniffing Around is about her French Mastiff, Cali, who passed away in December 2008 after a bout with bone cancer and she was just one month shy of her 11th birthday. This book is perfect for all dog lovers who have had a dog become part of the family.

My Bent Tree is about a little girl who finds a tree in the woods where she loves to play and they quickly become friends. One day the tree finds out that it may be cut down to make room for a strip mall so the community then rallies together to save the tree and create a green space in their community to enjoy.

The Inside Story is about an envelope and its journey from the mailbox to the post office from sorting, to arriving to it's destination, to finally ending up in the recycling bin.

At the advice of Kathy's cat loving friends, Purrsnikitty was created and it will be ready for purchase in late June 2010 and I am sure the book will delight children of all ages! To find the purrfect kitty character for Purrsnikitty and to raise awareness for animal shelters, she asked her fans to submit their very best feline photos along with a small donation to their favorite animal shelter. When the contest ended, Kathy raised  $678.00 and the purrfect kitty for her much-anticipated book!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dressed To Impress

It's not everyday that a girl celebrates her 2nd birthday so Daisy made sure she was dressed to impress

her PFF (Pug Friend Forever) friend, Isabella,

and her foxhound friend, Jesse,

and Norma, Jesse's mommy,

and her labradoodle AKA waterdoodle friend, Geisha,

and her other labradoodle friend, Lilly,

and her moody would-be boyfriend, Bailey,

and her Mini-Me pal, Sophie,

and her other PFF's, Ace and Fenway,

and her sassy border collie pal, Lilly,

and her little waltzer pal, Monkey,

and her newest pal, Dexter, the boxer!

And since Daisy's dress impressed her guests all of her furry friends joined her best human pal, Holly, in a barking rendition of "Happy Birthday to Daisy" and it was a howling success!  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Birthday Party Fit For a Princess

While Daisy got scrubbed and polished last night she was thinking of one thing only....

                                                 her birthday party!

She just couldn't stop thinking about her guest list

and she wondered if they would like the party favors she prepared for them

and she also wondered if her dog park pals would think these handmade charms were simply pawsome

and she was especially curious if her party dress would be a big hit with the boys

and she wondered what it would be like to be treated like royalty

as a TWO YEAR OLD princess!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What May 30th Means To Daisy

In case you've been wondering why my mom has been slacking in her blogging duties lately it's beclaws she and my dad visited one of America's top ten most beautiful state parks, the Flume Gorge, and then  

my mom posed with a scary looking polar bear

and my dad fed deer at The Polar Caves Park in Plymouth, New Hampshire,

while I sat at home thinking about my foster parents, Shannen and Dave, who took good care of me for 3 months until last year, on May 30th, when they drove me to a McDonald's parking lot to meet

my furrever dad, Amos,

and my furrever mom, April,

 and even though I was happy to be in my new parent's car, I couldn't stop thinking about

Shannen's smile

and Dave's lap

or my friendship with their handsome dog, Dax,

and there will always be a special place in my heart for them because they led me to my furrever home where I belong. 

Thank you, Shannen and Dave, for everything!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Life of Riley

In honor of the many servicemen who gave their lives for our country, I thought it would be fitting to share the story of Bill Mertens, a resident of the NH Veterans Home in Tilton, NH, who had a very special friendship with a 14 year old female black lab named Riley who visited Bill faithfully until she passed away on January 27, 2010.  

Riley's relationship with the Veterans Home began when she was just a puppy. Bill Mertens, a resident of the Home, used to walk by Riley's house on his way to downtown Tilton. Bill would stop and play with Riley on the way down the hill and would give her a treat. He'd do the same on the way back up to the Home. It didn't take long for Riley to figure out that if she stuck with Bill, she'd always end up with treats.

Bill Mertens passed away in 2007, but before he died, the Veterans Home staff brought Riley into his room, so she could say goodbye. Afterwards, Riley continued to come up to the Home for three weeks looking for Bill. Not easily discouraged, Riley figured out how to open the Home's automatic doors and began visiting nearly every day until for 11 years until the time of her death in January.

I was struck by Riley's story because she made such an impact on Bill's life and as well as on the lives of the veterans who gave our country so much.   It also reminded me about the healing power of animals and it is amazing how well they understand the needs of humans and all they want from us in return is food, shelter, a few walks, and lots of love.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fred's Moving Adventure

Can you believe this is me, yours truly, Mr. Fred, in this picture? It's true! This is what I looked like three years ago when I was a little 'ol puppy and I was browny, brown, brown beclaws that's what Wheaten Terriers look like before our coat gets lighter.

This is what I looked like when my parents introduced me to Miss April and Mr. Amos when I was a 10 week old puppy! My humans wanted my dog walkers to meet me at such a young age beclause they needed someone to visit me in the middle of day so I wouldn't get lonely. Needless to bark, the humans and I have been close buddies ever since we first met!

So you can just imagine how sad my mom was when Wednesday came along because that was MOVING DAY and since she thought I'd be nervous when the movers came over she had me spend the entire day with my dog walkers instead. Yeah for me!

 So this is why I was sitting in Miss April's car on Wednesday morning because I was waiting for her to come out of a certain house where

my girlfriend Molly (standing in the back), Cooper,

and their curious cat brother, Papi, lives!

After that fun visit was over Miss April drove me to Jesse's house and of course she couldn't wait to climb into the car because she's completely in love with me which is a good thing for me, am I right, fellas?

Then, Jesse and I were headed to the pugs (Ace and Fenway) and Lilly's house for another walk! Can you believe we didn't even have the courtesy to pose for the camera? It goes without barking that we were more interested in Miss April during our photo shoot! Hee-Hee!

The dog walk got even better after the nice photographer lady invited me to take a little dip in her little boy's pool! 

After that exciting visit was over, Jesse and I headed over to Sophie's house for another walk and since she is my OTHER girlfriend I stayed really, really close to her

while my OTHER girlfriend, Jesse, was bathing in a nearby brook

and when I couldn't stay away from Jesse any longer, Sophie and I joined in for a water break,  

and since we were finally all together I decided to tell them the truth. No, I didn't tell them how many girlfriends were in my life, you sillies! Instead, I told them I was moving to Nashua and I wouldn't see them very often butt I would see them on June 5th at the Hooksett Dog Park in honor of Daisy's 2nd birthday and I hope they will be there or else I will be furry, furry disappointed!