Saturday, December 9, 2017

Update: Buster Goes Back to the Vet

Buster didn't want to pawticipate in some of his blood work shenanigans on Thursday the 7th (he didn't appreciate the urinalysis idea) so we headed back to finish it last night! 

As I've said in the last update, Buster now loves car rides (a major change from previous vet trips) so this must mean that he's (A) gotten adventurous and/or (B) he wants the vets to fix him so he can go back to being his pudgy 20 pound self as pictured 


here last Christmas! 

 He's been eating fairly well since Thanksgiving but to see him weigh nearly 12 pounds  (shown here from last night's trip to the vet) rings alarm bells in my head! I've been buying specialty wet food  and treats which he will eat but only in small nibbles and then walks away when in the past he's gobbled anything and everything in sight!

My guess is he has a thyroid issue which is quite common among old cats (he's going to be 16 in May) so if I'm correct I know from past experiences with Henry that this condition is fixable for which I am thankful! 

Please keep Buster in your prayers! Thank you! 

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